Mobile Legends Aldous "Realm Watcher" September 2021 Collector Skin Trailer Details

Aldous is one of the popular heroes heroes right now. It was given enough spotlight for players to use this hero. On a video trailer posted in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Youtube channel, the details of his upcoming collector skin, Realm Watcher, was presented.


The skin model features Aldous having a glowing tattoos that are color light blue. His body is also covered by golden armor and even his mask is gold in color. On his right arm, there is a dragon coiled into it.


About the skill effects of this skin, his skill 1 makes him cast a lightning from the sky and once he hit the ground, it will shatter and it seems ice shards will popped out.


For his skill 2, he will be surrounded by an energy ball before exploding. For the ultimate skill, Aldous will transform into a blue dragon's head and will travel by flying towards the target. A lightning will also popped up once Aldous makes contact with the target.


Here is the Youtube trailer video of this upcoming skin.

Prepare to purchase this skin once this arrived in-game. There was no exact date of release mention but expect it to be in-game in a week.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!