Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Event Skins officially revealed!

Moonton finally revealed exciting updates about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s ALLSTAR event. Aside from new adventures, maps, designs and other exciting events, four new hero skins with music festival concepts will be introduced as well.

all star.jpg

From March 31 onwards, the new ALLSTAR character skins can be acquired. It will feature vibrant colors, updated weapons and many more. Here are the characters that will have the ALLSTAR skins:



Miya’s Atomic Pop skin features an all-new striking cyberpunk bow that shoots out awesome musical lines when used.



From an ashy silver-haired elf, Eudora will be transformed into a ginger musical queen. Take down the enemy's turret in style using the Lightning Weaver’s Atomic Pop skin.



Rafaela’s Atomic Pop skin will turn her into a healing influencer. Make sure you don’t miss out on her Seraphic Selfie skin.



From gothic manic pixie dream girl, Hanabi has turned into pastel punk marksman in her Moonlit Ninja outfit.

With these new skins, the ALLSTAR event is really something to look forward to. However, Moonton stated that the skins will not be released all at the same time so stay tuned!