Mobile Legends Alpha General Void Skin - First Super Villain Skin

A new skin series will debut with the release of the first super villain skin, Alpha - General Void. Here are the details from the skin trailer posted in the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang YouTube channel.


Alpha - General Void is a mecha-themed skin with the colors and textures of his body suitable for a super villain. He wears an armor and helmet that radiates a dark violet aura. Alpha's hair is also very noticeable as it emphasizes his overall look. His weapon is now wrapped with metals and the tip of its blade is glowing.


For the skill effects, Alpha's skills were made comical. There are also certain texts that will come out which is similar with the other skin series counterpart, Super Hero. Beta's new look is also remarkable.


Along with this skin, there will also be a special elimination, spawn, and recall effects in themed with this skin.

Here is the video trailer:

There was no exact release date mentioned in the trailer but as teased before, it will be released before this month of September ends.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!