Mobile Legends Another Lesley Buff in Advance Server for December 2021 - New Effect on Passive and more

Lesley just recently got buff when her collector skin was featured in the November 2021 Grand collection event. In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.36 in advance server, another batch of Lesley buffs were being tested. Here are the possible upcoming adjustments for Lesley.


Developer's Note: We're boosting Lesley's lane clearing and sustained damage and removing the previous constraints on her critical strikes.

There are exactly five changes for Lesley in this batch of adjustments and most of these are for her passive. The first adjustments is the extra crit chance that she will get from her passive. It was increased from 40% to 50%. This means almost every other attack of Lesley will now trigger the critical effect.


The second adjustment on her passive is about the damage. This one is a nerf to balance her out. From 1.3 times, it is slightly decreased to 1.2 times. The third adjustments is about the critical damage. The critical damage limit from her passive is now removed. That is why her critical damage can now be boosted more than the ordinary 200% damage.

Her passive also now given a new effect. Enhanced Basic Attack deals 20% extra damage to minions and restores double the amount of energy. This will greatly boost her wave clear. Her skill 1 was also adjusted. Lesley will now gain double energy restoration when she is in Camouflage state.


Here is the summary of her adjustments:

[Passive] (↑)
  • Extra Crit Chance: 40% >> 50%
  • Damage: 1.3 Times >> 1.2 Times
  • Crit damage limit removed.

New Effect: Enhanced Basic Attack deals 20% extra damage to minions and restores double the amount of energy.

[Skill 1] (↑)

  • Lesley gains double energy restoration in the Camouflage state.
The impact of these adjustments is not only limited to her damage but this will also speed up her farm in order to reach powerspike earlier and easier. Expect Lesley to be more aggressive when these adjustments will be applied.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!