Mobile Legends April 2022 Starlight Skin - Bioroid Balmond skin trailer details

Starting the second quarter of 2022, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will release a new skin for the hero, Balmond. The April 2022 starlight skin is Bioroid Balmond, which would be another biological-themed skin. The trailer was posted in the official YouTube channel of ML:BB and here are the details.


For the skin design, Balmond now wears a gas mask and tubes with green chemicals. His weapon axe also now has the same color as his body which is a combination of purple and green color. His hair is color white and his large arms are also noticeable.


For the skill effects, it is a very colorful green animations. All of his skills are full of green splash and trail effects. The skill effects are shown in the trailer one by one. Combine this with the Bioroid Battle Emote and it will such a scene to see.

Here is the official trailer of April 2022 starlight:

Starlight members will receive their usual starlight benefits. Members can also choose among the skin pool instead of Bioroid Balmond. The other options are Phantom Dancer Natalia, Lethal Lady Lesley, Kaminari Kaja, and Cleopatra Esmeralda. Subscribe to the starlight membership in-game to receive amazing rewards and privileges.

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