Mobile Legends April 2023 Grand Collection Event skin - Cyclops Yokai Warlock skin preview

Winter season just ended and yet, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is still continuing the supernatural-themed skin releases. This time, it will be for a Collector skin for the mage hero, Cyclops. The skin is named Yokai Warlock and a preview of this skin is posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel. Yokai Warlock will be Cyclops' eighth skin that will join his other skins which are Exorcist, Super Adventurer, Deep Sea Rescuer, S.A.B.E.R Enforcer, Zombie Bambino, Straw Doll, and Master Yoda.


Cyclops - Yokai Warlock turns this mage hero into a demonic beast spirit look by giving him red eyes and overall dark purple coloring. His hands are now beast-like claws and instead of his usual magical cape, he is wearing a kimono hinting an eastern-theme inspiration. The remodeling of his scroll is also noteworthy as the scroll seems possessed by a Yokai, a famous Japanese creature.


For the skill effects of this skin, the main coloring used is red purple. His skill 1 makes him casts spirit monsters instead of throwing stars. His skill 2 also summons Yokai which substituted his usual planet attack. Lastly, his ultimate skill has a moving animation while the target is immobilized. The target will be surrounded by a spiritual barrier field that seems came from Cyclops' scroll.

Here is the Cyclops Yokai Warlock skin preview:

Cyclops - Yokai Warlock will be available on April 10, 2023. The preview didn't specify if this new collector skin will follow the same pattern as the previous colllector skins were made available via a Grand Collection Event. It is still expected that the same pattern will follow and players can find the event either in the in-game Shop, Events Tab, or there might also be a shortcut in the game's Home screen when it is available in the official server.

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