Mobile Legends April 2024 Leaks about upcoming skins and events

Every time a month is about to end, players from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community are trying to look for leaks from data miners for the game’s upcoming contents for the next month. It is almost Easter Sunday 2024 and thus April 2024 is coming up. It turns out aside from upcoming skins, players are also anticipating the return of the Promo Diamonds event. Here are some of the information leaks that can be gathered around the internet about the upcoming MLBB contents.


1. Skins with official preview/trailer already: April 2024 Starlight skin, Collector skin, and ALLSTAR skin

It was already officially announced that the April 2024 Starlight Skin is Lylia - Magitech Arsenal. Another monthly skin tag, the collector skin, also has been confirmed to feature Edith for the month of April 2024. Edith’s collector skin will be called Red Bastion. This is expected to be released in the first half of April 2024. Then, the game will also introduce a new skin for the upcoming month which is tagged as ALLSTAR, Moskov - Infernal Wyrmlord.


2. Upcoming events

The Moskov - Infernal Wyrmlord will be an event-exclusive skin and can be obtained via its own draw event. The draw event will have a pool of rewards that also includes other event skins like the STUN skin line and M World. This event will also have an exchange feature where players will collect a certain item and need to amass a certain amount to exchange for the rewards like exclusive skins.

The Promo Diamonds event is also expected to be available until April 16, 2024. The mechanics of these promo diamonds may also retain and thus, players can just use a single regular (or the standard) Diamond and use promo diamonds to cover the rest of the price whenever they buy skins available from the Shop. There will also be special mechanics for some event-limited skin like the previous ALLSTAR skins since the game may require to use at least 100 regular Diamonds along with the promo diamonds to purchase such skins. Promo Diamonds can also be used in the Infernal Wyrmlord draw event with the requirement of using at least 20 standard Diamonds to draw.


3. MLBB X KOF Encore

There may be new skins for this collaboration since there are surveys made in Advanced Server and other official sources that hinted heroes like Valir, Masha, and Paquito will be featured in this event this month. This may happen at the end of April 2024 though and may extend until the end of May 2024.

4. Terizla Epic Skin

Terizla is also expected to receive an epic skin in April 17, 2024. It will be a buyable Epic skin with a regular price of 899 diamonds. At launch week, it will be 30% OFF so players can buy it at a discounted price of 629 diamonds. The preview of this skin is expected to be officially released by the game about a week before the skin release.

There may also be a Mega Sale event some time this April 2024. Aside from the already mentioned events and skin, the game will also have an upcoming new game mode called Brawling Beats. All the information, especially the unofficial ones, are still subject to change. Watch out for the official announcements of the game via the official MLBB social media accounts.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!