Mobile Legends Arlott Hero Spotlight - Basic Info and Guide to learn how to play the Lone Lancer

Another new hero will arrive in the Land of Dawn in this 2023 Valentines. He is named as Arlott, also known as the Lone Lancer. A hero spotlight video for Arlott is already uploaded in the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It includes a visual display of his skills and there is even a quick guide that will be described below.


Starting on his skills, Dauntless Strike is the name of his first skill. This is an AoE CC skill that stuns those who gets slammed by his spear. The duration of the stun is depending on which part of his skill hit the target. Those who are hit by the end part of the spear will be stunned longer than those who are hit while being nearer to Arlott. His skill 2 is called Vengeance. This makes him dash. This has a combo with his Passive - Demon Gaze. His passive will mark nearby enemy heroes and those affected by crowd control (CC). Demon Gaze also makes his skill 2 to guarantee a critical strike on marked targets. Vengeance also heals Arlott and its cooldown will be refreshed if the target is marked by Demon Gaze.


Lastly, the highlight of his skills is his ultimate skill - Final Slash. He sweeps his spear from left to right forming a fan area-of-effect (AoE) to deal damage and displacing those targets that were hit to the end of the swing. The hero spotlight video also suggested the following preparation set: Festival of Blood Fighter emblem talent and Petrify spell. For the items, it includes Warrior Boots, Endless Battle, War Axe, Malefic Roar, Thunderbelt, and Oracle.

Here is the Arlott hero spotlight video:

Arlott's release date is on February 14, 2023, ML:BB Server Time. Aside from his default skin, another basic skin will be released in its launch week. Arlott itself will be discounted only for its launch week when purchasing him via diamonds while his basic skin is expected to be bought for just 51 diamonds for two weeks from Feb. 14, 2023.

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