Mobile Legends Arrival Spell HUGE Nerf - With Bonus Arrival Spell Guide

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Nov 25, 2019
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These are the adjustments for the Arrival Spell on Patch Note 1.4.28
  1. The extra Movement Speed decreased from 75% to 60%.
  2. The duration of Slowing Effect to enemies decreased from 1.5s to 1s.
  3. Fixed an issue where enemy heroes could not see the special effects of Arrival.

Why is the nerf considered HUGE?

Let me define the term "nerf" first so that newbie gamers can understand.

Based on MLTLG Dictionary (the official dictionary of Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide Facebook Page), Nerf is a negative adjustment that makes something weaker.

It is considered huge because the 15% difference in movement speed boosts will be surely felt.

The slow effect duration decrease might be considered by some as a small thing. Yet, even though that half a second can create an impact with the game. Especially when you use Arrival in your turret then you want to trap your enemy within the turret's range.

And lastly, the enemies can now see the special effects of Arrival. They won't be surprised anymore. Once they saw the special effects of Arrival, they can disengage immediately and reposition themselves.

Stacking these all up makes the adjustment a huge nerf for this spell.

Arrival Spell Guide

Arrival CD: 75s

Teleports to an allied turret (including destroyed ones) or minion after chanting for 3s. Increases mov spd by 60% for 5s (decays over time). Enhances the next basic attack dealing 100( +10 × Hero's Level) True dmg and slowing the target hit by 60% for 1s. If it is interrupted, the CD will be reduced by 30s

Hidden Ability

It can protect the target allied turret or minion within the 3s chanting time.

Other info

Enemy heroes can see the special effect of arrival as of Patch 1.4.28

If used with the Pull Yourself Together Talent, the CD will be 63.75 seconds.

You can use Arrival on Selena's Abyssal Traps. The whole team can use Arrival to teleport to the Abyssal Trap location.

Popularized in MPL PH S4 Playoffs.

Commonly used by tanks in order to protect a turret or back up quickly in a teamfight.

This is also used when the game started in order to ambush enemies immediately.

How does Arrival changes the META?

Kimmy's early push tactic is not effective since Arrival Spell can be used to save a turret immediately.

Pickoff tactics are harder to do since backups will always come immediately.

Assassin Talent High and Dry is not anymore effective because enemies even if alone can have reinforcements immediately.

Selena is a popular pick since her abyssal traps can also be a target for Arrival.

The split push META will be balanced

Masha will have a hard time split pushing if the enemy Arrival is available. Yet, it will be effective if you use arrival in an undefended lane and enemy has no arrival available.

0-3-2 Laning has been more successful

General Spell Distribution

Assassin - retribution
Marksman - purify
Mage - it depends
Tank, fighter, support - Arrival

In a pro scene, there are commonly 2 arrival spell users, 2 retribution users, and a purify.

In solo ranked games, the tank is the only one who is commonly using the arrival spell.

Heroes that commonly used Arrival

Terizla - the mov spd boost is useful in casting his 2nd skill or his ult skill

Badang - he can surprise enemies by teleporting and using his 2nd skill to trap them. Very effective when enemy is destroying your tower or clearing minions because you can use arrival on minions.

Fighters generally - offlaners can use arrival to back up in a teamfight or get back to the lane immediately

Tanks - in order to back up in a teamfight immediately

Healers - in order to heal allies before they die when allies get ambushed

Selena? Her teammates normally pick arrival

Some Tactics in using the Arrival Spell

1. Akai using Arrival targeting a destroyed turret to get at the enemy backline and using his ult to push them towards the tower/base.

2. Terizla using Arrival saving a turret that is targeted by Kimmy then uses his ult to trap Kimmy within the Turret's Range.

3. Grock runs out of mana but a fight is about to start so he recalls to the base and use arrival to quickly get back to help in the teamfight.

4. Estes has just resurrected and allies are being engaged in a teamfight by the enemy within the Lord's area. Estes uses Arrival to go in that area immediately and heal his allies.

5. Selena shows herself at the map being solo in offlane while 4 of her teammates and 5 enemies are all in the turtle lane. Selena uses Arrival to teleport to her abyssal trap hidden in the bush to surprise enemies thinking that they had the advantage.

6. Selena put an abyssal trap in the bush at the midlane. Enemies are unaware of this because they've only checked the bush in front of the turtle. Fighter and Tank uses arrival to steal the turtle.

7. Khufra uses Arrival to save the base that is hardly pushed by the enemy which is unaware that Allied minions is already destroying their base too. Result: Victory for the Khufra's Team who used Arrival just in time!

Credits to the following: MLTLG Dictionary HONDA BEAST Elgin ML Youtube