Mobile Legends Atomic Pop ALLSTAR skins - Info including price and discount revealed in latest patch and preview

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is starting April 2023 with a Bang! The ongoing ALLSTAR music themed event will feature upcoming two new skins already officially announced via a video trailer posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel. The latest patch note also revealed some more details about these upcoming skins that can be read in-game.

ALLSTAR Themed Skins - Atomic Pop - Mobile Legends- Bang Bang.mp4_snapshot_01.31.608.jpg

The two upcoming skins featured for the ALLSTAR event are Atomic Pop Miya and Atomic Pop Eudora. They will have the same name which is "Atomic Pop" and will have the same skin type and price. The latest patch note in the original server already revealed that both of these skins will be buyable for 899 diamonds, and will be discounted by 30% in the first 21 days. Atomic Pop is Miya's 11th skin while it is 7th for Eudora.

ALLSTAR Themed Skins - Atomic Pop - Mobile Legends- Bang Bang.mp4_snapshot_00.31.931.jpg

The video trailer of these skins showed the skin model and skill effects for both skins. They are both wearing a black and silver colored clothings with some gold highlights.

ALLSTAR Themed Skins - Atomic Pop - Mobile Legends- Bang Bang.mp4_snapshot_00.06.476.jpg

Miya's hair is blue while Eudora's hair is orange. For the skill effects, it is full of musical notes, party lighting, and even has an added sound effect which other skins at this price doesn't have. These Atomic Pop skins also have their own custom idle animation and in-game actions.

ALLSTAR Themed Skins - Atomic Pop - Mobile Legends- Bang Bang.mp4_snapshot_01.03.891.jpg

What is yet unclear is that if it will be a limited-time skin that will not be available in shop after the 21-day sale period. The discount period and the details in the patch note implies that it should still be available after that period but just not discounted. The video trailer and current announcements also doesn't expressly state the status of these skins after the ALLSTAR event period.

ALLSTAR Themed Skins - Atomic Pop - Mobile Legends- Bang Bang.mp4_snapshot_00.11.189.jpg

Here is the preview of these ALLSTAR themed skins - Atomic Pop:

The preview also already mentioned the release date of these skins. Atomic Pop Miya will be released first on April 5, 2023 while the Atomic Pop Eudora skin will be available in the following week, April 12, 2023. Check out the actual contents of these skins in-game once they comes out and watch the preview video for the sound effects and visuals.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!