Mobile Legends August 2023 Grand Collection Event Skin - Ruby Prismatic Plume skin preview

A new collector skin is coming up at the end of August 2023 in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game. A collector skin is part of the monthly Grand Collection Event in the ingame Shop. This month, it will be a skin for the hero, Ruby, which will be called Prismatic Plume. This will be Ruby's seventh skin as it will join her previously released skins such as Cat Girl, Edelweiss, Lady Zombie, and Pirate Parrot, to name a few. A video trailer of this skin is posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel and here are the details.


Ruby's default design makes her look like a child but as Prismatic Plume, she became more mature looking. Despite the bright colorings of her dress that radiates her elegant aura, the overall design remained minimalist to retain her default details. There are also signs of wings and phoenix in her gown and scythe which are also part of her skill effects.


She summons a bird forward as she casts her skill 1, Be Good. Meanwhile, her skill 2 scatters bright colors all around as she spins and swung her scythe in a circular area-of-effect. Most notably, her ultimate skill, I'm Offended, makes her pull a target and there will be a bird animation again that seems helping Ruby to take on as much heroes as she can.

Here is the official preview for the August 2023 Collector Skin:

Just like the other collector skin, there is also a personalized random action and idle animation that comes with obtaining Ruby - Prismatic Plume. The preview also mentioned that this skin will be available in the official server on August 30, 2023. Check out the actual contents and details in-game once this skin is released.

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