Mobile Legends August 2023 Patch Review - Heroes that were both buffed and nerfed in one update

The August 2023 Original Server patch update of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is a huge one as it adjusted so many heroes at the middle of a ranked season. This brought an entirely new metagame in which players are still currently adjusting in order to prepare themselves for the final push as the current ranked season will end next month. Included in the adjustments are several heroes that received both a certain or series of buffs and nerfs at the same time. Here are the details of these hero adjustments that can also be found in the in-game mail at the latter part of the hero adjustments section.


1. Nana adjustments

Nana's early-game damage is too low, so the game developers/designers adjusted her growth curve to make it easier to clear lanes and give her more things to do in the early and mid game. Although, they also slightly reduced her damage in the late game.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Base Damage: 245-370 >> 320-440
Magic Power Bonus: 120%>> 100%

[Ultimate] (↓)
Base Damage: 400-680 >> 440-660
Magic Power Bonus: 180% >> 160%

Her skill 1 is an overall buff but the bonus damage she receives from magic power stat is reduced. This is compensated by higher base damage, making her a bit less item dependent and she can now deal better damage in the early game. Meanwhile, her ultimate skill is nerfed as it now deals lesser damage late game but a bit higher base damage at early to mid game.


2. Vexana adjustments

Because of the long cooldown, Vexana can't use her skills and passive to quickly clear lanes in the early game, so they adjusted the numbers of Deathly Grasp. To balance things out, they tuned down the damage she gets from her Passive in the early game.

[Passive] (↓)
Base Damage: 220-500 >> 108-500

[Skill 2] (↑)
Base Damage: 450-750 >> 580-850
Magic Power Bonus: 200% >> 180%

Her passive now deals lesser damage early to mid game but remains the same at max level. Her skill 2 was also adjusted as it now has higher base damage but lower bonus damage from magic power stat. This adjustment is quite similar to Nana's skill 1.


3. Aldous adjustments

To emphasize Aldous' role as Exp Laner, they adjusted his Skill 1 to allow him to gain more Soul Steal stacks from Siege Minions, but lowered the damage increase from each Soul Steal stack to balance things out.

[Skill 1] (~)
Stacks Gained from Siege Minion Kills: 4 >> 10
Stacks Gained from Nearby Siege Minion Deaths: 2 >> 5
Skill 1 Damage Increase Per Stack: 6 >> 5

Aldous now gains more stacks to siege minions which means he can stack up better with proper laning micromanagement. In order to not make him that overpowered, the skill 1 damage per stack is reduced. This means it varies gameplay to battle situation if this is an overall buff or a nerf compared to the previous version.


4. Alice adjustments

The game adjusted Alice's Passive against Siege Minions and changed the skill effects accordingly to balance things out.

[Passive] (~)
Siege Minions now drop 2 blood orbs when killed.
Max HP Increase Per Orb: 10 >> 8
Max Mana Increase Per Orb: 20 >> 15
Number of Orbs Required for Extra Movement Speed: 50 >> 60

Similar with Aldous, Alice now benefits more from killing Siege Minions. The HP and Mana boost she receives from her passive per orb is nerfed though. Even the milestone for the extra movement speed boost is increased to 60 orbs which was higher than before.


5. Faramis adjustments

The game slightly increased the damage of his Skill 2 based on each hero hit, but lowered the max number of bounces. (The damage on 3 hero hits remains the same.)

[Skill 2]
Nether Energy Bounces on Hero Hits: 3 >> 2
Magic Power Bonus: 72% >> 86%

The insights from the patch note made it clear that the damage on 3-hero hits remains the same. The skill 2 adjustment is that it now gains more bonus damage from Magic Power stat but the nether energy bounce on hero hits is reduced. The max number of bounces is now 2 so this promotes higher rewards for players who use Faramis well as it now deals more damage but needs better aiming as players can't rely much on the bounce damage.

Those are the five heroes that were buffed and nerfed at the same time in the August 2023 official server patch note update. This recent update is still not a Project NEXT phase but it was quite a huge one. The next major update has still no official announced released date but it is expected to be several days before the current ranked season ends. Watch out for the Project NEXT September 2023 update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!