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    Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a real-time strategy auto chess game with a magical style. In the game, each hero will be transformed into a chess. Players will choose and buy chess in the random hero pool every turn. They can enhance the team by matching different combinations, merging and upgrading the chess. In each game, there are eight players in the battlefield for a one-verse-one battle, the last one would be the winner!


    Now, let's come and play Magic Chess: Bang Bang!


    Game Feature:

    1. Auto play chess
    After you buy chess and place them into the battlefield, they will automatically start to fight. The hero skills are so splendid that they would make the game not only an intensive battlefield, but also an artistic visual feast!


    2. Various Strategies
    11 species, 10 classes, 50+ featured heroes to choose from. There are various gameplays to be discovered, you can also create your own lineups!


    3. Heroes can be upgraded
    You can upgrade the same heroes into a high-star hero. In the game, all the players will share one hero pool, so take your chance to summon a high-star hero, and unlock secret power!


    4. Classic survival gameplay
    It's a classic survival auto chess game of eight players, different species and classes can be restrained by each other. Therefore, you should know your heroes and also your enemies' strategies to get the best result!


    5. Players around the world will be in the same server
    Join the auto chess,the platform designed for you, to compete with multi-countries at the same time!


    6. It's a fair real-time strategy game
    It's an auto chess real-time strategy game, there is no hero training or paying for stats. At arena of Magic Chess: Bang Bang, all you need is luck, and most importantly, your strategy to victory. All we want is to stay true to the fun of game!



    PLEASE NOTE! Magic Chess: Bang Bang is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Magic Chess: Bang Bang.

    Magic Chess: Bang Bang Update
    1. Added Hero Upgrade feature. Players can get EXP required for Hero Upgrade after each match.
    2. Players can get Battle Points after each match. It can be used in Item Shop which will be available in the future.
    3. [Freya - Valkyrie]: +30% ATK Speed.
    4. [Claude - Blazing Duet]: Fixed a BUG where his skill wouldn’t be interrupted after he died.
  2. Zethro

    Zethro Elite Gamer

    From moontoon, basically they are creating their own version


    WOW!!! What's this? Guess it? Maybe a new mode in MLBB?

    We invite all the players to be the designer now!

    We will choose 10 players to get permanent skin! Which hero's skin? The heroes you design!

    July 8th, we will choose 10 best designers to get permanent skin!

    Please leave the comment on which hero you design, his or her synergy and skills. Don't forget to leave your Game ID and Server ID. The photo will be better!

    For example,
    Hero Claude. ( Synergy:Marksman, Mortal)
    3 Marksman: Increase 10% attack speed.
    6 Marksman: Increase 20% attack speed
    2 Mortal: 30% chance of reducing enemies' Energy by 20 points.
    Skill: Blazing Duet. Every hit inflicts 70 points of Physical damage to an enemy unit.

    Let's see who will be the best designer!
  3. patchnotes

    patchnotes Casual Gamer
    Content Writer

    Patch is online today! Come and have a try now!

    Here's the Patch Note:

    I. System Adjustments
    1. Added "Character Upgrade" feature. Players can get EXP required for Character Upgrade after each match.
    2. Players can get Battle Points after each match. It can be used in Item Shop, which will be available in the future.

    II. Hero Adjustments
    Valkyrie State: +30% ATK Speed
    Blazing Duet: Fixed a BUG where his skill wouldn’t be interrupted after he died.
    Owl Alarm: Fixed a BUG where Owl Alarm could be attacked.

    III. Battlefield Adjustments
    1. HP of Barbarian Warriors in Stage 1 decreased from 350 to 300.

    IV. BUG Fixes and optimization
    1. Fixed a BUG where some devices would be blurry while logging in.
    2. Fixed a BUG where some audio were missing.
    3. Fixed an issue where Hero Recommendation wasn’t displayed correctly sometimes.
    4. Fixed an issue where the Dropped Equipment was displayed in a wrong sequence.
  4. Derba

    Derba Hardcore Gamer

    if you want to play the game its currently region lock, but there is a way to play it here is a simple guide
    • download the apk file either on apkpure or other apk hosting provider for Magic Chess Bang Bang
    • Download a VPN with Malaysia support
    • Run the game and patch it
    • you will then get a notice that the region is not support
    • open the vpn and enable
    • switch again to the game
    • you will now be allowed to play
    • you can disable the vpn after this for faster connection
  5. updates

    updates Casual Gamer
    Content Writer

    Dear player, Patch will be online today, please come and have a look now! Here's the Patch Note:

    I. New features and events
    1. "Friendship" feature
    Added “Friend Feed” feature, allowing you to make friends with other players, play together and keep track of their activities.
    2. "Team-up" feature
    A player can make up a party with three other players to play together.
    3. Added ELVA customer service system, players can ask questions and give suggestions through the customer service button in the upper right corner of the main interface.
    4. A major overhaul of heroes and synergies is in progress. Stay tuned!

    II. Hero adjustments
    Blazing Duet: Base skill damage reduced from 70/100/130 to 60/80/100
    Buff skill location adjusted
    Optimized skill performance: added vibration, and optimized knock-up effects
    Optimized battlefield skill effects

    III. Battlefield adjustment
    1. Increases the jump speed of Assassins. Now their unique jump effect is applyed.
    2. Now it is able to adjust the position of heroes in the Reserve Board while in battles.
    3. An easily noticeable art design has been added for hero with energy fully charged in battles.
    4. Floating texts of player elimination have been added.
    5. A button for checking hero attribute details has been added in the Hero Info interface.
    6. Optimized the battlefield display on tablets.
    7. Added winning streak effect for the characters.
    8. Optimized Synergy trigger effect.
    9. Fixed a bug that caused the Wrath to obscure HP bar.
    10. Added hero dragging vibration feature.
    11. Enemy-specific color is added for the skill performance of certain heroes.

    IV. System-related adjustments
    1. Added more multi-lingual support: French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish and Malaysian.
    2. Modified the hit effect of the characters.
    3. Optimized resource download progress.
    4. Optimized the model performance of all 2-star and 3-star heroes.
    5. Modified some in-game UI windows for consistent art display.
    6. The message of turning off Bluetooth no longer shows up before matching.

    V. Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed a bug that caused the model of Selena, Roger and Leomord to occasionally disappear following form changes.
    2. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect shadow display for some heroes.
    3. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevent some icons in the main window from displaying.
    4. Fixed a bug that occasionally caused chess pieces to be placed on another player’s board.
    5. Fixed a bug that prevented the chess pieces in the Reserve Board from displaying.
    6. The SLv of 2-star and 3-star heroes is now always displayed at the preparation stage.
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