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Aug 7, 2018
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Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a real-time strategy auto chess game with a magical style. In the game, each hero will be transformed into a chess. Players will choose and buy chess in the random hero pool every turn.

They can enhance the team by matching different combinations, merging and upgrading the chess. In each game, there are eight players in the battlefield for a one-verse-one battle, the last one would be the winner!

FAQ - Gameplay

Q: How to activate Synergy effects?
A: Put different heroes of the same feature or role in the battlefield to activate the Synergy effects. Different Synergy effects require different numbers of heroes, about which you can check in the Hero Gallery. Strengthen your lineups by activating as many Synergy effects as possible!
K: Synergy

Q: Is there a strongest lineup? What would that be?
A: We don’t have a strongest lineup ever. However, you can enlarge your chances to win the matches by the following methods:
  • Activate Synergy effects and upgrade them;
  • Adjust the formation of your lineups;
  • Upgrade your heroes;
  • Choose suitable equipment items for your heroes;
  • Choose higher-star heroes.
K: Lineup, stronger, strengthen, best

Q: What are the rules of the game?
A: The goal of the game is to build a strong team of Heroes. In each match, your Team will battle with another player's Team until one side is defeated.

AI controls these Heroes to attack and use Skills after the battle begins, and you can't control them. Every victory will reward you with additional Gold (these Gold are used to buy new Heroes, upgrade your Team and Recruitment Limit), while losing a round will lower your HP.

When your HP gets down to zero, you will lose the game. The system will decide the player’s final place according to their order of HP’s reduction to zero. The last living player wins the game.
K: Rules of the Game, Rules

Q: What are Features and Roles?
A: Features and Roles are the Attributes of the Heroes in the game. Each Hero will correspond to 1 to 2 Features and Roles.

When different Heroes of a specific Feature or Role are on the battlefield, Synergy Effect applies.

Every Feature and Role will have a different Synergy Effect.
K: Feature, Role, Synergy

Q: How to get a high-quality hero?
A: Hero Quality is divided into 5 levels: Normal, Good, Elite, Epic, Legendary.

Players have chances to get heroes of different qualities each time they refresh the Shop. The Probability scales with your EXP Level/Recruitment Limit. See the table below for details:

K: Quality, Normal, Good, Elite, Epic, Legendary

Q: Can you explain about the equipment items?
A: Equipment acquisition: You can get random equipment items in the Creep Defense rounds in each match.

Equipment usage: The equipment items that you pick up will be automatically used on your heroes. Each hero can use 6 equipment items. Also, you can choose suitable items for identical heroes by tapping on them.

Tap on the Equipment Board or go to the Gallery to check the details.
K: Equipment

Q: What’re the features and roles in the game?
A: Currently, we have the following roles and features:

K: Role, Feature

Q: How can I Increase the Recruitment Limit?
A: The limit scales with the commander level. In each round, you will get certain amount of EXP. To use Gold to upgrade the commander is also an option.
K: Recruitment Limit, population, recruitment

Q: Why is the game so laggy? How can I fix it?
A: 1. Check the ping in the top right of the screen. If the ping is above 100, then try playing somewhere with a strong network connection.
2. Check if your device meets the following requirements: Android 4.0+, 1G RAM+,
4. Core CPU. If your device doesn't meet these requirements, we recommend switching to a device that does.
3. We recommend closing any other apps that might be using up your RAM and turn down in-game animation/special effect settings.
4. If this still doesn't solve the problem, please get help from customer service via the in-game "Contact Us" link on the game's main page.
K: lag,lags,laggy,delay,ping

Q: Why does it take so long for me to find a match sometimes?
A: Magic Chess: Bang Bang is an all online auto chess game of real players for 1v7 battles. When your game rank is high, we will try to match you with opponents who are near the same ranking as you. The system may take some time to find appropriate players to match with your level. There may also be times when there are fewer players online when you are trying to play. Please wait patiently for other players to match successfully.
K: match,difficult to match,can't match

Q: The game froze for a long time and didn't respond when I making an update.
A: 1. Try to exit the game and log in again.
2. If it's still stuck in the same place, try clearing the game's cache: open System Settings->Tap Apps->Find Magic Chess: Bang Bang->Clear Cache
3. If this doesn't fix the problem, contact our customer service for help via the “Contact Us” link on the game's main page.
K: froze,freezes,lags,didn't respond

Q: My sound effects are gone!
A: If your game has gone silent, there are plenty of potential fixes.
Start by checking the in-game settings. Are your sound effects set to “on?” They should be.

If your settings are in order, but your game’s still muted, restart by fully exiting the app, and reopening it. If neither of these help, please try the following:
  • l Important: make sure the mute switch is set to OFF
  • l Try plugging in, and unplugging some earphones
  • l Open another app, and check if sound is working there. If not, then it probably has something to do with the device, and not the app itself
If none of these seem to work, please feel free to submit a support ticket
K: sound,music,mute, My sound effects are gone!

FAQ - Notices

Q: Notice About Account Security
A: In order to protect the benefits and account security of the Magic Chess: Bang Bang players, to maintain a fair and orderly environment and to prevent account hacking/loss that results from account sharing, account trading, etc. Please read the following notice to enhance your awareness of account security:

Ⅰ Notice
1. Please protect your account and keep it safe. Do not share your account password with others or in public. The official team never asks for your password.

2. Do not sell your account. We will not deal with the problem results from account trading, or you will be solely responsible for any subsequent consequences that may arise.

3. Do not click unknown links or the links provided by other players (fake official staff) for recharge giveaway, free account, free skins, etc.

4. Do not recharge via unofficial channels or third parties. Unofficial channels usually steal your account information that may compromise your account.

5. Please be noticed that official staff doesn't show in the game. The so-called official staff or GMs in the game are fake. Please report when you meet them.

6. When you see an event in community/social media, please be careful to identify the official account/page.

Ⅱ About Account Recovery
1. If the social media account that you bound to is hacked, please appeal and change your password as soon as possible.

2. Please send an e-mail to the official GM with the title of “account hacked” and account ID at [email protected] once your account is hacked. If you just contact GM in the game, the hacker may see the chat and other important information to retrieve your account.

3. After we receive your e-mail, GM will contact you with a link. Please open the link in your browser. You have to provide correct and complete information in the form. If there is any missing or incorrect information, we will not be able to deal with it.

4. Following situations are not considered Hacked:
A: Already sent account to a friend. Due to personal issues, friend doesn’t give the account back, etc. We will not deal with it.
B: Account was shared. We can’t judge the account was hacked or not.

5. Please keep your account safe. We will only handle the account hacking problem once every 180 days. Please be noticed that we can't help you if the account is hacked again during the time.

Additionally, if you haven’t bound your account, there is a risk of account loss. Please tap your avatar – Account – Bind Account to keep your account safe.

Thanks for your understanding and support. Let’s keep Magic Chess: Bang Bang in a safe and harmonious environment.

K: Notice About Account Security,Account Security,Account be Hacked,hack

Q: Legend with Respect!
A: We're all here to enjoy games together. Sometimes that can mean arguing with friends over lost battles. That's fine, but being abusive towards others drains the fun from the game.

When engaging in any kind of in-game communication, we kindly ask that you are respectful of others. This also applies to the language used in your nickname, squad's name and description.

Here are a few things that we consider inappropriate:
  • Hate speech, racism, and other discriminatory languages
  • Obscene or sexually explicit banter
  • Threats or harassment
  • Excessive swearing
  • Bullying
If you encounter another player being abusive towards yourself or others, please let us know by using the report button inside the chat. Reports are reviewed by our trained moderators who will take appropriate action.

Consequences of misconduct:
Abusive behavior can lead to temporary and even permanent game account closure. Making false reports can lead to the same.
K: respectful,report,insult

Q: Don't be a Cheat!
A: We consider “bot” and “mod” use cheating, and strongly encourage players to remove any of the aforementioned programs from their devices.

Third-party software consists of unapproved apps that manipulate gameplay. By altering game functionality, third-party software aims to provide unfair advantages while putting your account and privacy at risk.
Third-party software includes:
  • Hacks, "mods", or programs that unfairly alter game functionality
  • "Bots", or gameplay automation services or scripts
  • Any other programs that aim to modify or provide unearned progress
Consequences of misconduct:
Trying to gain an unfair advantage by using prohibited 3rd party software will result in a permanent ban for any offending account(s).
K: cheat,hack

Q: No Account trade !
A: Account sales involve advertising advanced game accounts, and luring players eager to progress with tantalizing and unrealistic promises.

Selling, buying, sharing or giving game accounts to other players is against our terms of service and never endorsed by us.

The risks surrounding account sales are:
  • The seller may take your money and never give you the account
  • You cannot be sure that the seller won't continue using the account
  • They may be selling the same account to multiple people
  • The account status is unknown; it could already be poised for a permanent ban
  • The account will never be secure; We cannot provide support for compromised accounts
  • If you choose to spend money on the account, it is still in danger of permanent closure due to a breach of our ToS
Help stop this nasty practice by refusing to sell your account, and reporting those who do!

Consequences of misconduct:
We cannot guarantee the security of any account that has been passed from one player to another; we reserve the right to permanently ban any account that has been transferred between players.
K: Account trade

Now, let's come and play Magic Chess: Bang Bang!

Game Feature:

1. Auto play chess
After you buy chess and place them into the battlefield, they will automatically start to fight. The hero skills are so splendid that they would make the game not only an intensive battlefield, but also an artistic visual feast!

2. Various Strategies
11 species, 10 classes, 50+ featured heroes to choose from. There are various gameplays to be discovered, you can also create your own lineups!

3. Heroes can be upgraded
You can upgrade the same heroes into a high-star hero. In the game, all the players will share one hero pool, so take your chance to summon a high-star hero, and unlock secret power!

4. Classic survival gameplay
It's a classic survival auto chess game of eight players, different species and classes can be restrained by each other. Therefore, you should know your heroes and also your enemies' strategies to get the best result!

5. Players around the world will be in the same server
Join the auto chess,the platform designed for you, to compete with multi-countries at the same time!

6. It's a fair real-time strategy game
It's an auto chess real-time strategy game, there is no hero training or paying for stats. At arena of Magic Chess: Bang Bang, all you need is luck, and most importantly, your strategy to victory. All we want is to stay true to the fun of game!


PLEASE NOTE! Magic Chess: Bang Bang is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Magic Chess: Bang Bang.

Magic Chess: Bang Bang Update
1. Added Hero Upgrade feature. Players can get EXP required for Hero Upgrade after each match.
2. Players can get Battle Points after each match. It can be used in Item Shop which will be available in the future.
3. [Freya - Valkyrie]: +30% ATK Speed.
4. [Claude - Blazing Duet]: Fixed a BUG where his skill wouldn’t be interrupted after he died.


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Nov 4, 2018
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From moontoon, basically they are creating their own version

WOW!!! What's this? Guess it? Maybe a new mode in MLBB?

We invite all the players to be the designer now!

We will choose 10 players to get permanent skin! Which hero's skin? The heroes you design!

July 8th, we will choose 10 best designers to get permanent skin!

Please leave the comment on which hero you design, his or her synergy and skills. Don't forget to leave your Game ID and Server ID. The photo will be better!

For example,
Hero Claude. ( Synergy:Marksman, Mortal)
3 Marksman: Increase 10% attack speed.
6 Marksman: Increase 20% attack speed
2 Mortal: 30% chance of reducing enemies' Energy by 20 points.
Skill: Blazing Duet. Every hit inflicts 70 points of Physical damage to an enemy unit.

Let's see who will be the best designer!


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Jun 13, 2018
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Patch is online today! Come and have a try now!

Here's the Patch Note:

I. System Adjustments
1. Added "Character Upgrade" feature. Players can get EXP required for Character Upgrade after each match.
2. Players can get Battle Points after each match. It can be used in Item Shop, which will be available in the future.

II. Hero Adjustments
Valkyrie State: +30% ATK Speed
Blazing Duet: Fixed a BUG where his skill wouldn’t be interrupted after he died.
Owl Alarm: Fixed a BUG where Owl Alarm could be attacked.

III. Battlefield Adjustments
1. HP of Barbarian Warriors in Stage 1 decreased from 350 to 300.

IV. BUG Fixes and optimization
1. Fixed a BUG where some devices would be blurry while logging in.
2. Fixed a BUG where some audio were missing.
3. Fixed an issue where Hero Recommendation wasn’t displayed correctly sometimes.
4. Fixed an issue where the Dropped Equipment was displayed in a wrong sequence.


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Nov 4, 2018
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if you want to play the game its currently region lock, but there is a way to play it here is a simple guide
  • download the apk file either on apkpure or other apk hosting provider for Magic Chess Bang Bang
  • Download a VPN with Malaysia support
  • Run the game and patch it
  • you will then get a notice that the region is not support
  • open the vpn and enable
  • switch again to the game
  • you will now be allowed to play
  • you can disable the vpn after this for faster connection


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Jul 7, 2019
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Dear player, Patch will be online today, please come and have a look now! Here's the Patch Note:

I. New features and events
1. "Friendship" feature
Added “Friend Feed” feature, allowing you to make friends with other players, play together and keep track of their activities.
2. "Team-up" feature
A player can make up a party with three other players to play together.
3. Added ELVA customer service system, players can ask questions and give suggestions through the customer service button in the upper right corner of the main interface.
4. A major overhaul of heroes and synergies is in progress. Stay tuned!

II. Hero adjustments
Blazing Duet: Base skill damage reduced from 70/100/130 to 60/80/100
Buff skill location adjusted
Optimized skill performance: added vibration, and optimized knock-up effects
Optimized battlefield skill effects

III. Battlefield adjustment
1. Increases the jump speed of Assassins. Now their unique jump effect is applyed.
2. Now it is able to adjust the position of heroes in the Reserve Board while in battles.
3. An easily noticeable art design has been added for hero with energy fully charged in battles.
4. Floating texts of player elimination have been added.
5. A button for checking hero attribute details has been added in the Hero Info interface.
6. Optimized the battlefield display on tablets.
7. Added winning streak effect for the characters.
8. Optimized Synergy trigger effect.
9. Fixed a bug that caused the Wrath to obscure HP bar.
10. Added hero dragging vibration feature.
11. Enemy-specific color is added for the skill performance of certain heroes.

IV. System-related adjustments
1. Added more multi-lingual support: French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish and Malaysian.
2. Modified the hit effect of the characters.
3. Optimized resource download progress.
4. Optimized the model performance of all 2-star and 3-star heroes.
5. Modified some in-game UI windows for consistent art display.
6. The message of turning off Bluetooth no longer shows up before matching.

V. Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug that caused the model of Selena, Roger and Leomord to occasionally disappear following form changes.
2. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect shadow display for some heroes.
3. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevent some icons in the main window from displaying.
4. Fixed a bug that occasionally caused chess pieces to be placed on another player’s board.
5. Fixed a bug that prevented the chess pieces in the Reserve Board from displaying.
6. The SLv of 2-star and 3-star heroes is now always displayed at the preparation stage.


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Jul 7, 2019
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Magic Chess: Bang Bang is now available on Google Play Store of more regions today!

If your region is not available now, don't worry, we're doing our best to prepare for it! Please stay tuned!


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Jul 7, 2019
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A Letter to All MCBB Players: Major Hero Synergy Adjustments

Hello, everyone, this is MCBB Combat Designer, DC. We thank you very much for your enjoyment of playing MCBB. We have received many excellent comments and suggestions.

After much consideration, we have decided to share with you the adjustment ideas for the new version.

The following content will be included in version 1.1.06: adding 13 new Heroes, remaking 13 current Heroes, temporarily removing 11 old Heroes; adding 8 new Synergies, remaking 3 current Synergies, and temporarily removing 7 old Synergies.

1. Removed Synergies
(1) Temporarily Removing the Synergies of Beasts, Hunters, Monks, and Related Heroes

We have seen that many players are skilled in using the strategy of Beast + Hunter Synergy, but because the design is too closed, normal players’ optional development is too narrow in the process of accumulating the formation, and they cannot cooperate well with other Species or Classes in the mid-term, which makes the changes and ideas of the whole game process too singular.

Another related drawback is that the Star Level of a single Hero plays a more decisive role in deciding whether the player can enter the final or not. It's not hard to understand why some players will think that luck is important and cannot feel the strategy of formation matching.

So, we finally decided to temporarily remove this Species and Class and re-design it to achieve the desired results. Correspondingly, we have removed the Monk Synergy.

【Removed Heroes】
Minotaur, Roger, Hylos, Hilda
(2) Temporarily Removing the Outsider Synergy and the Corresponding Heroes
We have temporarily removed the four Heroes from the Outsiders and added the Devil Species. At the same time, we have added four Heroes to it. We also gave the Devil Species the Attack-speed Adding Attribute, which will benefit the four current Devil Heroes greatly.

【Removed Heroes】
Karrie, Zhask, Martis, Cyclops

【Added Heroes (Devil) 】
Thamuz, Alice, Dyrroth, Terrizla
(3) Temporarily Removing the Synergy of Leonins, Summoners, and Supports
Combining game data and player feedback, we have temporarily removed some Synergies which have low utilization and are weaker in battle.

【Removed Heroes】

2. Synergy Adjustment and Addition
(1) Cyborg Will Become the Mainstream Formation
We have re-done the Synergy of Cyborg and added more Cyborg. The adjusted Cyborg is a kind of Species with very smooth transitions.

In the mid game, the overall ability of Cyborg can be strengthened by matching different classes. In the later term, the Species Synergy of Cyborg will be changed qualitatively, the formation will be smoother, and the strength of the later term will be guaranteed. It is more suitable for new players to use.

After the adjustment, a total of 3 or 6 Cyborg will achieve different addition results.

【Added Heroes】
Alpha, Bruno

(2) The Awakening of the Elf Species: The New Synergy of Guardians
The Elf Species has always had the problem of lacking a Tank. The only Tank Lolita belongs to the Soldier Class. The Elf Species could very easily form a small Synergy at the beginning of its design, which was used for rapid formation in the medium term. In fact, during the game, it was found that the Elves were very short of Tanks. Before Lolita arrived, players could hardly use the Elves to play, which made the utilization rate of the Elf Species in the players low.

So, we adjusted Lolita's Class and added new Species Characteristics to this Role, therefore, this Species can be very easily upgraded to 3 Stars, and Elf Species players will use this Species more easily. In later versions, we will continue to add new Heroes for Elves.

(3) The Divine Synergy --> Oracles + Angels
We have re-done the Divine Synergy and changed the original Divine into two Species, Oracles and Angels. The Angels are tailor-made for Freya. The new Synergy will provide Freya with the ability of Instant Transformation.

(4) Eastern-->redefined
We have redefined the name of the Eastern Species, in order to make it more in line with our world outlook. We have added Akai and designed new Synergy for it.

(5) Added Priest and the Natural Spirit
We have added a Priest Class and Natural Spirit Species for skilled players. These two Synergies are very strategic. For specific play, please explore in the game.

3. Hero Adjustment
We have adjusted most of the Hero orientations, new Species, and professional relationships, which will be more flexible and changeable, and will have more choices of development direction in the game process, and the formative period of each formation will be completely different. The purpose of this change is that when players become more proficient in playing the game, there will be more formations waiting for players to explore, not just the recommended formations we set up.

(1) Added Heroes: Faramis (Undead/Priest), Lesley (Human/Assassin), Bane (Beast/Fighter), Moskov (Dead/Marsman), Chou (Human/Wrestler), Kadita (Oracle/Guardian), Pharsa (Nature Spirit/Priest)
(2) Temporarily Removed Heroes: Leomord, Helcurt
(3) Heroes adjustments can be seen in the official update announcement in the game.

Last but not least, thank you again for your support and understanding. All of us MCBB designers will continue to present you with more play methods and content with high quality to show strategic and interesting aspects. Please look forward to the updates of the coming versions.

-- MCBB Team


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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch is online today! Come and have a try now!

Patch Note

1. New Utilities & New Events
(1) New Speed Mode Added
[Commander Adjustments]
  • The Commanders initial health has been adjusted to 75.
  • The EXP required for the Commanders to Level Up have been adjusted to 1/2/2/4/10/20/28/32/40.
[Gold Adjustments]
  • The default amount of Gold at the beginning of Battle has been adjusted to 2.
  • The Basic Gold Reward at the end of the first round has been increased to 3.
  • The Basic Gold Reward at the end of each round has been increased to 8.
  • Starting from round 15, the Basic Gold Reward at the end has been increased to 10.
[Winning/Losing Streak Adjustments]
  • The number of rounds required for a Winning/Losing Streak Bonus has been lowered.
  • Gold will now be rewarded for 2 consecutive wins/losses.
  • Streak Gold Bonus will reach its maximum at 4 consecutive wins/losses.
[Shop Adjustments]
  • Each round, the amount of Gold required for the first Shop refresh has been reduced to 1. The amount of Gold required for the second refresh remains the same at 2.
  • With each Shop refresh, the player gains 1 EXP.
[Creeps Adjustments]
  • Removed Creeps at round 3.
  • Round 8 has been changed to a Creep round. From then on, there will be one Creep round every 4 rounds until round 32.
  • Increased Equipment Drop Rate.
(2) Collection
  • Map Change Utility added. You can now change the Map you’d like to use freely.
  • Special Effect Change Utility added. You can now change the Attack Effect within the battlefield.
(3) Friends
  • Friends Utility added to the Chat Room. Add Friends around the world and play with them.
  • Friend Chatting Utility added. Now you can chat with and leave massages to your Friends.
(4) Rename Card Added
  • You can change your Username anytime.
(5) Account Utility
  • We now support GP Account Binding. Please go to Account Setting and Bind your account as soon as possible!
(6) Share on Facebook Utility
  • You can share the Battle Result on your Facebook wall with one click. Go ahead and share your winning streaks!
(7) Social Media Buttons
  • Social Media buttons added to the main page: Facebook and Instagram. Follow the pages to get the newest feeds!
(8) Purchase with Diamonds
  • New Battle Scenarios, Damage Special Effects, and Rename Cards are now available in the Shop! You can purchase them with Diamonds and some Items can be purchased with Gold.

2. Collection
(1) Damage Effects Added
  • [Azure Shockwave]: 109 Diamonds
  • [Stardust Prowess]: 249 Diamonds
(2) Damage Effects Added
  • [Celestial Palace]: 56,000 Gold/899 Diamonds
  • [Celestial Palace - Winter]: 369 Diamonds

3. Hero Adjustments
Body of Smith: Basic Damage Reduction Rates adjusted from 2%/3%/4% to 2%/2.5%/3%.
[Bruno], [Dyrroth], [Thamuz], [Alpha], [Gatotkaca]
Skill Performance Optimized

4. Battle Adjustments
(1) Synergy description optimized. The description of high-level Synergies will now include the effects of identical low-level Synergies.
(2) Synergy display in the battlefield optimized. Players can now check the Synergy Activation Status more easily.
(3) The concept and display of Interest Points added to the battlefield. With every 10 Gold, the player gets 1 Interest Point up to 5. At the beginning of each round, each Interest will be redeemed as 1 Gold.
(4) At the beginning of each round, players will see a note indicating whether this is a Player Round or a Creep Round.
(5) After entering the Wrath Stage, players will lose some Health at the beginning of each round.
(6) Hero Detail Page optimized. Hero Health Display added. The 4 Hero Attributes will be displayed permanently: Physical ATK, Attack Speed, Physical Defense, Magic Defense.
(7) When the battle is about to begin, there will now be a battle notification displaying the opponents and their activated Synergies.

5. System Adjustments
(1) New System Language Added: Spanish
(2) Character Card Art Optimized

6. Bug Fix
(1) Fixed an issue that caused the Hero to appear in other players’ Reserve Board when switching spectating players.
(2) Fixed an issue that caused the Heroes in the Battlefield Shop to be displayed incorrectly when being refreshed during network delay.
(3) Fixed an issue that caused inconsistency of identical Hero Displays in the Battlefield Shop.
(4) Fixed an issue that caused the Heroes to fail to combine in the Shop in certain cases.
(5) Fixed an issue that caused incorrect displays and lagging when opening the 7-day Event, Gallery, and other pages for the first time.
(6) Fixed an issue that caused the text to be displayed incorrectly on the Friend page.