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    MLBB R & D TEAM Q&A, find whether your doubts have been answered!


    Q: Why my picture was banned? Do you really check it? My pic is not illegal.
    A: To maintain a good gaming environment, we have slightly tightened the sexual restrictions on Avatars. If your avatar was banned by mistake, please contact Customer Service to verify and restore your avatar.

    Q: Constant crashing of the app when using IOS devices.
    A: iOS devices with less than 1G RAM may encounter crashes, so we reduced the game’s RAM occupancy in patch 1.4.50. However, some old models may still experience crashes. We will continue optimizing the game's performance to better serve the players with lower-end devices.

    Q: Allowing others to see our wishlist, from our profile.
    A: The open Wish List feature is scheduled to be released in June this year. Please stay tuned.

    Q: Should make a new specific chat room to find teammates that allow us to send invitation notice to the chat room and others can join our room just by click on the notification.
    A: A major change of the social features, which we have already been working on, is estimated to arrive around June, too. Be sure to experience these new features when they are ready.

    Q: Maybe one-day Fighters will have an update where the devs put actual fighter items in the game.
    A: Part of the equipment will be adjusted in patch 1.4.60 and there will be new gears coming soon!

    Q: And for mythic players who buy starlight, they get less stuff, coz star protection card is useless.
    A: We are not going to give Mythic players more Starlight rewards. But we are looking into ways to design rank protection cards for our top-notch players.

    Q: The player asked for a discounts hero to buy through BP.
    A: We will provide BP discounts of heroes regularly, please stay tuned for our events.

    Q: New skin for vale. Because it has been almost one year and the hero did not get any new skin releases.
    A: And a revamp plan for Vale is underway. In the near future, you should be able to see a brand new Vale and a pretty cool new skin of his. Please stay tuned!
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