Mobile Legends Azrya Woodlands World Map


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Jul 7, 2019
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Azrya means Land of Hope in the Elvish language. It has the largest jungle on the continent, is full of lakes and rives, and is where the Elves live.

Moonlit Forest (Hometown of the Moon Elves)

Moonlit Forest occupies most of the area of the Azrya Woodland, adjacent to the Azure Lake of the Moniyan Empire, where various strange plants and animals that are hard to see in other parts of the mainland grow. Moonlit Forest represents the belief in the Moon Goddess, mysterious and beautiful. This is the homewotn og the Moon Elves and the place their souls return to.

Heroes: Estes

Moon Temple (A holy site for the Moon Elves)

Lunar Temple is located in the center of Moonlit Forest. This is a holy place for the Moon Elves, where their Moon Goddess, Gavana, sleeps. This building contains the style of the ancient elves, all built with huge stones; tall and majestic. Later, Elves rarely built stone structures, which further demonstrates the special status of the Lunar Temple.

Heroes: Miya, Nana

The Shadow Swamp (A forest corroded by the Abyss)

Shadow Swamp was once a part of the Moonlit Forest. Because of its proximity to the Land of Despair, it was gradually corroded by the evil power of the Abyss. The fertile land became a muddy swamp where nothing could grow and the sky could not be seen. The Elves living here also lost their sacred beliefs, and became Dark Elves working for the Abyss.

Heroes: Karina, Selena