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May 1, 2019
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Badang is a very cool hero and though he is not high in the tier list he still packs a punch (hehe). Badang is a pure fighter where in he specializes mowing down enemies fast with no escape

==Pros And Cons==
  • Pros
  • Tank melter
  • Good for ganking
  • Can clear waves fast
  • A good teamfight buddy
  • Has CC
  • Cons
  • Squishy
  • Counterable
  • Useless when CCed


When Badang does a basic attack or cast a skill he gains a stack, when he gets 4 stacks, Badangs next basic attack deals increased damage and has a knockback effect, when the enemy is knockbacked to a wall, the enemy will get stunned for a short time, When Badangs 1st and Ult hits a wall, it will deal AOE damage at the impact of the wall

Badang throws a punch forward dealing damage and slowing enemies on hit

Badang charges forward, when he hits an enemy along the way, he creates a half circle at the back of the enemy and slightly knocking back the enemy. Badang, his teammates, and enemies cant get through the wall unless when a blink skill is used, Badang can remove the wall by pressing the skill again

Badang rapidly throws punches in front of him dealing damage and gaining a shield(shield increases every level) , he cannot move while he is throwing punches, Badang is immune to any cc while the shield is up, Badang can cancel the skill when he casts another skill


At emblems, i use fighter emblem (of course) and i choose Disabling Strike, because Badang has a slow and the increased attack will help his combo

Why not Unbending Will and Festival of Blood?

Unbending Will is kind of a useless talent for me, only 0.1% attack per 1% hp lost? I mean i cant expect it to be higher but yeah UW is not a fitted talent for Badang, you can try it and maybe prove im wrong

Festival of Blood contains 8% Spell Vamp but the problem is that Badangs 1st and Ult is Basic Attack based meaning the only sustain trait that works on Badang is lifesteal, some say Spell Vamp works on Badang but its much weaker than lifesteal

For spell Flicker is reccommended because while you're in Ult form you can press Flicker to move your position and not interrupt your Ult


Hate me but this is my build for Badang

Demon Hunter Sword- DH's passive works while your'e using your Ult and even your 1st skill

Warrior/Tough/Rapid Boots-depends on enemy lineup and your playstyle

Blade of the Heptaseas-Since Badang's 2nd skill is a skill and not basic attack based, Blade of the Heptaseas passive will work (so smert)

Athena's Shield- for extra magic resist and a shield so that he wont be easily CCed

Situational Items

Deadly Blade- for counter building

Dominance Ice- yeah the mana is useless but you can build this item for tankiness and for slowing down enemies

Blade of Despair- For super late game

Immortality- same with BoD

Haas Claws- for sustain

AdminLegendBeast's build:

  • Endless Battle
  • Magic Shoes
  • Demon Hunter
  • ThunderBelt
  • Bloodlust axe
  • Blade of despair

What's the difference between the 2 builds?

My build is focused more on Badang's skills than his basic attacks while zer LegendBeast's build focuses on both but its more complex to play so if you're still a starting Badang player use my build, once you've mastered him you can use the other build

AdminLegendBeast's note- you can replace Bloodlust Axe with Deadly Blade

Im only giving tips cuz my eyebags are so gigantic and im not getting enough sleep

Remove your wall when you're about to chase an enemy

Position your wall right, when enemy is running to their turret thats the time to use your 2nd skill because if you use your 2nd skill when their near your turret and you 2nd skill from their back, its like stopping them from getting near your turret, maximize your 2nd skills potential

Use your 2nd skill as an escape skill

Clear waves with your 1st skill

Aim for damage dealers with your Ult

Dont always rely on your wall to use your combo, you can use any wall for your combo

1-2-3 1(to activate disabling strike) 2 (to block the enemy's way and activate BotH's passive) 3 (for the finishing blows)

2-1-3 for initiating a fight

If using AdminLegendBeast's build:

1-2-BA-3-BA 1(to activate DS and to catch up to the enemy) 2 (to block the way of the enemy) BA (to activate EB and TB) 3 (for finishing blows) BA (for the finishing attack)

==Best Pairs==

Badang + Tigreal- when Tigreal uses ult and 2nd skill, Badang comes in with his 2nd skill and does his Combo, a very killer combo

Badang + Angela- i call this the Badangela combo, while Badang is fighting, Angela can give Badang a shield to help him not get CCed and help him get sustained

Badang + Grock- of course i call this combo Trump Lovers (no communist pun intended) Grock can use Badang's wall to do his Ult and when the enemy escapes Badang's wall another wall emerges and it will be Grock's wall, where will you escape?

That's it for the Badang Guide hope you liked it!