Mobile Legends Balance Adjustment Plan for 2022 Preview - New Blacklist System, Dodge Mechanism, and more

In the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a new year's episode was released to open up 2022 by announcing the adjustment plan for the year. The preview includes the overview of the new systems and upcoming battlefield adjustments. Here are the highlights of the plans for 2022.


The matchmaking balance of the game will be further improved. A Blacklist System will be released to allow players to ban those they don't want to be teammates again. There will also be a dodge mechanism that will give players option to skip a game if the line-up is extremely unreasonable.


An artificial intelligence will also be implemented for the matchmaking. It will evaluate game skills in real time for a better matchmaking system. Aside from matchmaking, there will also be battlefield adjustments to balance not only the player's skills but also the heroes' skills.


Some heroes will also be revamped. The ones that are mentioned in the preview were Vexana, Faramis, and Hanabi. Another hero was also teased but the name is not revealed. Although, it was hinted to be a tank hero. The emblem system will also be revamped.

Here is the preview:

The ones that are shown in the preview are noted to be just be for references and the actual contents and features will be seen in-game after the update implementations. There are no specific dates mentioned on when each of the new features and revamps will happen but expect all of those to happen in year 2022.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!