Mobile Legends Balmond "God of Mountains" August 2021 Collector Skin Trailer Details

Balmond is one of the earliest-released heroes that was given enough spotlight for players to use this hero again. From being one of the worst in terms of statistics, he is now at the top. This "God of Mountains" skin fits him as he is currently performing godly in the Land of Dawn. Check out the details of this skin.


The skin model features Balmond having a blue-green skin, fitting for the color of the green-grass covered mountain and the reflection of the blue sky. His armor also gives off that powerful aura. His axe is also improved visually and its color is also blue-green.

There were also sneak peaks of the skill effects shown in the trailer. The main color theme of the skill effects is orange. His first skill, Soul Lock, emphasizes the trail of his dash. His second skill, Cyclone Sweep, ignites his axe and it will burst out and sparkles as Balmond spins.


His ultimate skill, Lethal Counter, also features a distinct visual carvings on the ground after Balmond casts this skill. The signature of this skin is not only the skill effects of his ultimate skill but also the splash effects of Cyclone Sweep.

Here is the Youtube trailer video of this upcoming skin:

Prepare to purchase this skin once this arrived in-game. Balmond is definitely a great pick right now and very fun to use too.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!
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