Mobile Legends Balmond Infernal Warlord Skin Preview - Epic Skin Buyable in shop using diamonds

Guild of Guardians
In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game, an Epic skin is one of the highest rarity in the game and tends to be limited-time or event exclusive. But this July 2023, a buyable epic skin will come in the in-game Shop and it will be for the hero, Balmond. The name of the skin is Infernal Warlord which would be his seventh skin to join the other skins in his collection which are: Bioroid, Power Source, Ghoul’s Fury, God of Mountains, Savage Hunter, and Savage Pointguard. The Balmond - Infernal Warlord skin preview is posted in the official YouTube channel of MLBB and here are the details.


Balmond turns into a devil as he takes on a fiery look suitable with the Infernal Warlord name. He is also wearing shoulder plates with a new look on his weapon axe too. His body and weapon is full of lava energy and these are also visible in this skin's skill effects.


The trail of his skill 1, Soul Lock, leaves lava and there will also be lava splash effect as he hit a target. Same goes with his skill 2, Cyclone, where it seems its raining coals and fires everywhere. Then, his ultimate skill, Lethal Counter, makes him summon rocks in a claw-like formation at the sharp ends of the skill's AoE, summoning rocks and lava.

Here is the official preview of Balmond - Infernal Warlord:

The release date of this skin is set on July 17, 2023, based on the latest official server patch note. This is a buyable epic skin with an original price of 899 diamonds. It is also expected that there will be a 30% discount in the launch week of this skin. Unlike other epic skins, this might be permanently buyable in the in-game Shop so players can still obtain this skin outside the discounted week rate.

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