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May 1, 2019
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Bane Guide by: Patrick Joshua Modino

Si bane ay powerful hero before kaso lang nawala siya sa meta dahil sa mga bagong labas na hero na fighter tulad nila leo, aldous at iba pa. Hindi siya makasabay sa meta dahil wala siyang cc skills except for his 1st skill na may slow effect. He is powerful in lane specially against melee heroes but can be easily ganked because of the release of new heroes with crowd control. Sobrang lakas nito dati, hanggang ngayon naman kaso nalimit lang siya kasi nawala siya sa meta. One advantage of bane, HE CAN EASILY PUSH A LANE BY HIMSELF. May different build types akong ililista sa baba depende sa role ng bane. Okay sisimulan ko na

The skiller bane
O kung tawagin ko to ay poker bane kasi his ability to poke enemies in lane kaya mapaparecall ka talaga pag katapat mo to. Eto ang build ng skiller bane

  • Demon shoes/ switch to tough boots in late game (situational)
  • Bloodlust
  • Endless Battle
  • Blade of the Heptaseas
  • Blade of Despair
  • Bruce force chestplate/wings of apocalypse

Why ganyan ang isang skiller bane? Bloodlust,endless Battle and wings of apocalypse provide cdr that allows him to use his skills more. Bloodlust is his core item that gives him sustainability in battle. Blade of heptaseas reduces the armor of the enemies by his skills that makes him dangerous and a killer. Kapag may ganto ka, you can easily take down marksman, fighters and tanks. Blade of despair and endless battle for more damage from his basic attacks. And lastly, if you chose BFC, everytime na magcast siya ng skill at tumama sa kalaban, specially his ultimate, bibilis siya at madali siyang makakatakbo or madali niyang mahahabol ang kalaban. If you chose WoA, ito ay isa pang pang sustain mo lalo na sa clash. Nakakairita katapat ang isang skiller bane at madali din makapush kaya this build makes him a strong hero.

Palike to kung itutuloy ko pa ung other builds niya depende sa role niya
Sorry kung magulo hahaha

Take note: hindi ako nagbabase sa mga build ng top players but nagbabase ako sa idea ko dahil adik din ako sa ML at alam ko kung kanino gagamitin at kung ano ang mga passive ng every item sa ML.


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May 1, 2019
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Bane's Most Effective Tactics Available, This Is A Fully Explained guide Developed By 3 Admin's Union in hopes Of Promoting Bane in the Current META, Especially in S12 META. Please help us promoting Bane by Sharing This Post or If you Also Like Bane To be Popular Again.

Featured Emblem
Were Going To Feature FighterEmblem Disabling Stike As his META Emblem.Why Disabling Strike??

Disabling Strike: Each Time You You Slow An Enemy More than 20%,Your Attack Power will increase by 30%.The Next Damage will terminate the effect

Explanation:This Emblem works pretty Good With Captain Jones,I mean Captain Bane since His Crab Claw Cannon Slows Enemy more than 20%.If Captain Bane Succesfully Slows the Enemy,His Attack Power will be Increased by 30%.
There Are 2 Equation on Knowing How OP 30% is.

Equation 1 , How Much would be Your AP when Added 30%??
Example:500AP + 30%=650AP

Equation 2, Converting 30%.
Conversion depends on Current AP(AtkPower).The Higher AP you have,The higher 30% will be.
Current Power × 30%=total AP increase

Example 1
500 (currentAP) × 30%=150 AP

Example 2
340 (CurrentAP) × 30%=102 AP

This means that Equipping This With CaptainBane Can shredd Enemies In A few Second.30% is too OP.This Emblem's Talent might be nerfed in the Future.

Equipment 1

We are going To Amplify Bane's deadly AoE skill for maximum DMG per Sec(DPS).This builds Also Shred Tanks Actually with DS+30%.

Captain Jones Build: MaxDPS
  • DemonShoes
  • BloodLust
  • BladeOfSevenSeas
  • EndlessBattle
  • ThunderBelt(slowdown chance increased)
  • MaleficRoar

This build is Quite Cheap.the most expensive in the list is the EB.Heptaseas is the META item for CaptainBane for Maximum DPS of his Ult.(just by the item's name itself and Captain Bane's Name:Lord of the Seven Seas.Seven is Hepta.So tachnically,Blade of CaptainBane).Malefic roar is for the General Purpose,for pushing and also,shredding tanks along with Heptaseas.EndlessBattle is the META item for fighters so its not also have Mana sustain plus additional Lifesteal.

The Fifth slot is thunder belt for your main strategy but there is A fix Purpose of these item.To put some DMG or debuff on your Passive.Your Passive provide your next basic Attack AoE(AreaOfEffect) plus thunderbelt true dmg and slow down(notw that the thunderbelt dont go along your passive's shark bite.the enemy you hit with basic attack will be the one to take the thunderbelt effect)

(Reduce Movement of all enemies Affected By ThunderBelt Paasive.Easier Activation for disabling Strike)

Also Bloodlust spellvamp works with your passive.If your passive hit many enemies,you'll regenerate More hp lost.Same also with endless battle lifesteal.Your Passive is Affected by lifesteal and SpellVamp.

Equipment 2

Squid Ward Build Durable
  • Warrior Boots
  • Blood Lust
  • EndLess Battle
  • Malefic Roar
  • Thunder Belt
  • Oracle / Brute Force Breast Plate
If you think the Enemies Are So strong that getting near is risky and Casting your skill in the distance for safety,then go with this durable build.MaleficRoar is the Fix Item for him since its pushing is his Role. EB and Bloodlust is for his sustain from skills and basic attack.

ThunderBelt is For his Dmg+Durability+ManaSustain since it has armor,ManaRegen and true dmg that scales with your current hp.This build provides 30%CDR.BFBP or Oracle depends on your Choice.

BF provides resistance and movement increase each time you cast skills or Oracle for 2nd skill increased heal effect by 25% and additional magic resist.equipping oracle will grant you 10%cdr,making you gain a total of 40% CDR,only if you choose and BF are the only choice since this 2 suits him respectively

  • Arrival
  • Inspire
  • Aegis
  • NowWhereToHide
  • MobilitySpell

I prefer Arrival For turret Defense since Bane also excel in defending because of his excellence in clearing waves.I suggest inspire if you think your brave enough and Assault turrets.Aegis is best paired with the SquidWard build. NowWhere to Hide is UnderRated but the Physical and Magical Resistance Reduction is too great for Bane since He can deal both Magic And Physical. Flicker,Purify,Sprint are somewhat unoptional spell for Captain Bane since His 2nd Skill provide Mobility As well.

Pro Tips And Game Plays
  • AnyLaneIs Suggested For Bane but Mid Lane is the Strategical Lane for him.His Ability to clear waves and push easily makes him suitable in mid lane.Also because mid Lane is the short cut to enemy's Base.
  • Dont forget That His "Inked" Passive is Also Convinient. The Ink Passive Is So Annoying That Makes CaptainBane's poking skills quite painful.
  • AvoidPicking Him if This Assassins are Present in Enemy Line Up:Selena,Gusion,Hayabusa
  • Avoid Picking Him if there Are 2 stunners
  • He's Good at Harassing Enemies even inside their turret
  • Everytime you push,cast your Ultimate for Quicker Destruction.
  • Maximize 2nd Skill over 1st skill
  • If the Disabling Strike Is triggered,there will be A Red Shoe Icon to appear above your Spell Buttons.
  • NEVER USE 2ND SKILL WHEN DISABLING STRIKE IS TRIGGERED!THE 2ND SKILL DONT GAIN BONUS FROM THE EMBLEM BECAUSE ITS MAGIC DAMAGE.remember that when you trigger disabling strike,the next damage will terminate the effect.using 2nd skill will not gain additional dmg will just terminate the buff and will let it CD only.
  • best combo with disabling strike.When disAbling strike is triggered,cast your Ultimate skill at the nearest tower if available.your ult will gain increase dmg and will destroy turret easily.
Note that when equipped with ThunderBelt,triggering Disabling Strike is Easy.

That's it Folks!!Thats the Warlord:Bane's META GUIDE featuring Fighter: DISABLING STRIKE.
Comment Down Below for any FeedBack or questions.


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May 1, 2019
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New Bane revamp

So recently lang nalaman natin ang news about kay bane which is nirevamp sya ni skill but same paren ang itsura nya

Ano ang bago sa mga skills nya?

Passive:still the same but makikita mo ung effect at ung area na sakop ng passive nya

1st skill:still the same they just add bounce effect on his skill when it bounce mas malaki na damage ang makukuha pag nag bounce ung skill(example:si tigreal nasa likod nya si layla pag nag1st si bane kay tigreal magbabounce ung skill kay layla tapos mas malaki ung matatanggap ni layla na damage gets?)

2nd skill:still the same

Ultimate:do you remember the old bane?ganun din ang panibago nyang skill iniba lang ng konti,one damage nalang hindi na continues at hindi manghahabol .kung dati ship ung nasa ss nya ngaun naman ay shark na kapag natamaan ka ay bababa ang movemennt speed at attack speed

Pasok ba sya sa Meta admin?
(My own oppinion)
Yes but kung irarank ko sya sa meta tier list (for me) (A) lang sya not S+ not S and not A+ but A hahaha

Sabihin na natin na maganda nangayon sya sa clash but sa high rank hindi paren sapat ung ganun puro assasin at mage ang high rank madali din sya patayin eh example fanny
Pag tinamaan si fanny ng ss yes bababa ang movement speed at attack speed pero may nabago ba?fanny is skiller right?hindi paren ako nasasatisfy sa bane hahaha inaral ko mabuti pinanood ko sa youtube and for me NO hindi paren sya op hindi sya katulad lng iba eh

And that's it !It's just base on my opinion guys
Kayo paren magdedecide kung gagamitin nyo sya