Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5th Anniversary Celebration Event

Moonton has given a sneak peak to players for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5th Anniversary Celebration event.

mlbb 5th anniv.jpg

During the anniversary event period of Mobile Legends, which started on September 10, a lot of free limited-time skins and in-game loot will be given away to players. There’s also a new support hero named Floryn and a new Miya skin that will be introduced during this event. Moreover, bonuses such as unlocking all heroes for a limited time or free star protection to prevent players from ranking lower in ranked matches will also be given during the event period.

The 5th Anniversary of Mobile Legends is themed around the moon goddess festival, a well-known Chinese tradition. A new support hero named Floryn as well as a new unlockable Miya skin called “Moon Priestess” will be given for free to players as a token of gratitude from Moonton for the continued support the players and fans alike has given to the game.

The following are all the expected hero and skin that will be arriving in Mobile Legends for the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the game:
  • Floryn can be acquired for free. Players simply need to collect sign-in stamps to get Floryn. The event runs from September 9 - September 21.
free skin daw.jpg

  • Thamuz’ “Abyssal Reaper” skin can be acquired through the Anniversary Pre-registration event that is expected to start on September 21.
  • Through the Friends Callback event, a chance will be presented to the players to earn free in-game diamonds and Miya’s anniversary skin. They only need to invite old players back in Mobile Legends and they can acquire up to three skins and a chance to win in-game diamonds.
  • Sign in into the event and players can unlock one free hero permanently.
  • Nostalgia event returns. One Normal Tier skin and one more Elite Tier skin can be unlocked through this event by completing event tasks to earn points.
free skin ulit.jpg

By completing tasks, players can earn Moonstones and exchange them for in-game cosmetics. The Moonstones can also be exchanged for the anniversary skin of Miya. Leftover Moonstones can still be used even after the event.
  • (9th September - 8th Oct 2021) Moon Goddess’ Blessing: 300 pcs
  • (25th Sept - 15th Oct 2021) Friends Callback: 100 pcs
  • (27th Sept - 15th Oct 2021) Arcade Carnival: 100 pcs
  • (9th - 15th Oct 2021) Anniversary Sign-in: 100 pcs
  • (21st September - 15th Oct 2021) Moonstone Rebate: 150 pcs

These are the other bonuses players can enjoy:
  • 2nd - 4th Oct 2021: All Heroes Free Access (Floryn Excluded)
  • 2nd - 4th Oct 2021: Team Star Protection for Three Matches
  • 9th - 11th Oct 2021: 5 Chances to Get Double Star-Rising Points
  • 9th - 11th Oct 2021: All Heroes Free Access (Floryn Excluded)
As this is the 5th anniversary of Moonton’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it is expected that this is a big event not only for the company but also for players. Keep on playing and enjoy the rewards that this anniversary celebration brings.