Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is set to bring back Exorcist Skins and will feature two new skins

With the release of two new skins, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Exorcist skin series might be returning. Granger and Hayabusa's skins have been found by data miners.


The offered skin previews are currently in development and could undergo significant modifications before being released. In October 2022, the MLBB Exorcist skin series made its debut with skins for the heroes Kagura and Yu Zhong. Moonton has yet to confirm the Skin Series' comeback. Nonetheless, given that it made its debut in October of the previous year, its rebroadcast might potentially be broadcast in the same month in 2023.

One of MLBB's most aesthetically beautiful skin series, according to Kazuki Official, will soon return with new skins. The data miner provided an early preview of the two new Granger and Hayabusa Exorcist skins.


Players might be able to get the two new skins through a potential rerun of the draw event because they are a part of the MLBB Exorcist skin series. Similar to other skin series reruns in the past, the event might also allow players to obtain the two previously published skins, Exorcist Kagura and Yu Zhong, in addition to the two new skins. Fans should be aware that Moonton has not yet officially announced the arrival of the two new Exorcist skins in MLBB. These skins are still only concept art, so they might change once they go live on the main server.

For the time being, fans can anticipate the freshly revealed MLBB 515 event 2023, which offers a variety of thrilling prizes like free skins, Promo Diamonds, and much more. A popular K-pop idol trio is thought to be the mystery visitor that has been hinted to appear at the event.