Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 Event Calendar Released!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event calendar has been revealed by Moonton. The event calendar was themed around the prestigious international esports event, the M3 World Championship. The calendar has revealed six upcoming in-game events.


These in-game events will reward players with collectibles such as recall effects, skins, in-game resources, and more. On top of those, the Mobile Legends M3 Pass will also be released which will feature the M3 exclusive skin of Roger “Phantom Ranger.” However, the skin will only be available for players who will purchase the premium version. A prime skin known as Roger “Fiend Hunter” will also be received by players if they reach level 100 on the M3 Pass in Mobile Legends.

The biggest and prestigious esports event of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is scheduled to kick off on December 6. The event will feature top 16 teams from around the world competing for the most part of the prize pool amounting to $800,000 as well as the title of world champions.

To celebrate the upcoming esports event, here are the in-game events that will be released for the players to enjoy:

Free Natalia “Deadly Mamba” Skin (20th - 28th Nov 2021)
  • If players participate in the event, they will be rewarded with a free skin of Natalia “Dead Mamba”. Purchasing the M3 exclusive skin for Roger “Phantom Ranger” is also allowed
New Mobile Legends M3 Pass (29th Nov 2021 - 2nd Jan 2022)
  • A lot of in-game collectibles will be released for players to collect. Players can make progress in the M3 Pass for free but they can also purchase the premium version to unlock more rewards like the M3 Exclusive Prime Skin Roger “Fiend Hunter.” Players also have the chance to acquire Mobile Legends’ first M3-themed Roger model figure, exclusive emotes for all of the 16 teams, and more.

Further details in regards to the M3 Pass and the model figure will be revealed later on.

Other Events
  • 1st - 5th Dec 2021: Login Event with free M3 Recall Effect “Glorious Return”
  • 4th - 19th Dec 2021: Guessing Event 6th Dec 2021: Log in to claim a generous amount of M3 Pass EXP
  • 11th - 13th Dec 2021: Party Box event with free draw chances
  • 18th Dec 2021: Yearly Lucky Player announcement

As the M3 World Championship is nearing its kick off, players still have a lot to look forward to for more surprises from Moonton. Let’s all wait and see what Moonton has in store for us.