Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 Chou Skin has been leaked

As a result of Tristan "Yawi" Cabrera, ECHO's famous roamer, posting leaked images of the team's prize championship skin, the M4 Chou skin appears to have a lot of potential.


Similar to the previous years, the winning team of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, or M World, is set to receive a unique skin. This time, ECHO is not an exception because they won the M4 World Championship 2022 after defeating the Blacklist International squad in the championship round. In the past, there have been rumors that ECHO players wanted Chou to be their unique M4 skin. But Moonton, the producer, makes all the choices.

After Moonton revealed that Chou is the M4 special skin for this year, ECHO's demand for Chou to get the M4 special skin has now been granted. The characteristics of the ECHO team's Chou skin are being discussed by Moonton. It goes without saying that both Moonton and the ECHO team will contribute particular traits to the M4 champion's skin.


Yawi previously disclosed that ECHO had asked for a Chou M4 Championship Skin with the ECHO Varsity Jacket. He stated during a news conference during Season 11 of MPL Philippines, "Naka ECHO varsity jacket po." He was expressing how the Chou M4 Championship skin appeared to be. He also added that the Orca splashing into the ground as Chou uses his Ultimate moves was one of the effects the team had considered. Additionally, texts are featured in the skills display, as shown in the animated stills from the leaked screenshots.

The release date for this skin is rumored to be August 21, 2023. Purchasing a high-quality ECHO skin is absolutely a must for Chou users. Despite previous leaks, we must still wait for the release date. The M4 Chou skin is pretty amazing and resembles the Sheesh ECHO emote. It will allegedly cost 899 diamonds to purchase.


Of course, Mobile Legends gamers are aware of the variations in these skins, which are exclusive to M4. These skins are available for pre-order. Mobile Legends players can trade exclusive skins from the Echo PH Team by pre-ordering. Additionally, this skin is available for purchase at a discounted diamond price if you pre-order it. Essentially, the procedure for purchasing these skins is the same as it was for the Hartih M1, Lancelot M2, and Estes M3 skins that were previously chosen for the champion squad. So act quickly and place your purchase!