Mobile Legends: Bang Bang New Floryn Elite Skin “Paw Power” Now Available In-Game!

The support hero, Floryn, in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game received a new outift after the release of her “Paw Power” skin. Many players were surprised about this release because unlike most of the upcoming skins, there was no preview video posted in the official MLBB YouTube channel prior to the release of this skin. Another surprising thing is that Floryn has been in the game for quite a long while now and yet, this is only Floryn’s third skin after Fluffy Dream limited-time skin from the Sanrio Collaboration and aside from her default and other normal skin. Paw Power is an Elite type of skin and is now available in-game!


Screenshot from promotion in-game

In this skin, Floryn takes a different approach to express her love for nature with a cooler green jacket which is in contrast to her usually light flowery outfit. Along with her buddy, Dew, who also received a new look, they will now use the power of the beasts in reference to the “Paw” which one may conclude that the theme is to make them look like guardians of the forest. The main color of green and the white shade similar to the dress she is wearing will also help in highlighting the skill effects of this skin.


Her first skill, Sow, makes her plant a seed to a target then it blooms to create a nice area-of-effect that surrounds the affected enemies. For her second skill, Sprout, she will cast a dome shape explosive to the target which shows a quick animation of a mini-explosion. Lastly, her ultimate skill, Bloom, will have her move in sync with Dew so that their powers will resonate and the allies that will get healed will be surrounded each with their own ring area-of effect.


This new skin Floryn - Paw Power is available with a 30% discount if bought before March 14, 2023, MLBB Server Time. This skin is not labeled as limited-skin so it is expected to be available in the in-game shop even after the discounted launch week for the usual Elite type of skin price of 599 diamonds. Despite having no skin preview announcement in official social media platforms of MLBB, players can check the skill effects in-game to see the actual contents and the skill effect according to their in-game quality settings.

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