Mobile Legends: Bang Bang new in-game content this coming March

As the month of February is coming to an end, it is now time to look at the upcoming releases of Mobile legends: Bang Bang for the month of March. Players can expect numerous skins and events as well as the new hero named Chip.

mlbb chip.png

Here’s what you need to know about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s upcoming March in-game content:

New Hero: Chip

The upcoming hero is named Chip and it will be a new Tank/support role hero. Chip was first seen on the Advanced Server in January 2024. He is capable of opening portals for himself and allies wherever in the battlefield. This ability of his is truly amazing since allies can now join clashes wherever they are in the Land of Dawn.

Mobile Legends March 2024 Starlight Pass.jpg

March 2024 Starlight skin

For the March 2024 Starlight skin, Ixia will be the featured hero and it will be titled Dynamic Streak skin. Her skin gives her cool effects and portrays her as a cool young girl equipped with cool-looking weapons. The cool features of her skin can be observed well when she uses her ultimate ability, which can be further enhanced with Ixia’s Painted or Bonus-painted skin.

Diggie Ranked Season 32 skin

As the Ranked Season 32 will be arriving, the support-role hero Diggie will be getting an all-new season-exclusive skin. Play up to 20 Ranked matches in the new upcoming season to get Diggie’s new skin.

Minisitthar ‘Soul Invictus’ Collector Skin.jpg

Minisitthar ‘Soul Invictus’ Collector Skin

Minisitthar will also get a new Collector Skin this coming March. The new collector skin is titled Soul Invictus and it can be obtained by players through the Grand collection event. Joining Soul Invictus are two other previously-existing collector skins of Natan and Nana.


Aspirants Skin event

The long-awaited Aspirants skins event will be featuring two new skins. This coming March 3rd, the new Lesley and Chang’e Aspirants skin will be introduced. To get one of these skins, players will need to draw at least 30-40 draws.

All-Star 2024 event

On the other hand, the All-Star event will be returning in April. Players can expect a much larger prize pool as it includes several free heroes, skins, and a lot more. Some smaller events will be featured as well like the All-Star Sparkle event that will introduce some new exclusive skins, such as:
  • All-Star Sparkle Melissa
  • All-Star Sparkle Fredrinn
  • All-Star Sparkle Estes
  • Esmeralda Astra Muse skin
Note, the Esmerelda Astra Muse skin will be available for free, whilst the others can be obtained for a discounted price.

Infernal Wyrmlord Draw event

The Infernal Wyrmlord Draw event will feature the All-new Moskov Allstar skin titled Infernal Wyrmlord. Through this event, players will be making draws to obtain the event-exclusive skin. Note, STUN skins will be available as well and along with the AllStar exclusive skins, players can obtain these skins by exchanging enough crests.

Promo Diamonds event

In March, the much-awaited promo diamonds event will be returning as well. As always, players will have to perform specific tasks that are given by the event to get the free diamonds. Note, some extra new minimum diamond discount rules have been included, which are:
  • Players need a Minimum of 100 Diamonds before they can use their promo diamonds to purchase ALLSTAR skins.
  • Players need a minimum of 20 diamonds before they can use their promo diamonds to draw in the Moonlit Wish event.