Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League Closed Qualifiers Group A Winner - Gosu

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    There are 4 teams in the Group A of MPL PH S5 Closed Qualifiers
    1. Cignal Ultra
    2. Gosu
    3. Ignite ESports
    4. Nexplay Predator

    The first match is between Cignal Ultra and Nexplay Predator where Nexplay Predator sweeps out the series with a 2-0 victory.

    The second match is between Gosu and Ignite ESports. Ignite ESports won 2-1.

    The third match is the upper bracket match between Nexplay Predator and Ignite ESports where the latter again won 2-1.

    The lower bracket match is between Gosu and Cignal Ultra. Gosu won 2-1.

    Nexplay Predator drops to the lower bracket and faced off Gosu where the latter swept it out 2-0 which made Gosu advanced to the Group A Closed Qualifiers Finals.

    The final match between Ignite ESports and Gosu is a very thrilling one. Gosu won Game 1 and Ignite ESports won Game 2 which means a Game 3 is needed to decide which team shall advance to the regular season.

    Gosu won the third game and here is their winning line-up:

    • Escanor used Chou
    • Deeeb used Hylos
    • Basic used Pharsa
    • Unseen used Nana
    • PinkFluffyBunny used Karrie
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