Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlight Pass for February 2024 features new skins, emotes and other rewards!

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The much-awaited release of a new Mobile Legends Starlight skin for Novaria, the well-liked Mage-type hero, in February 2024 is quickly approaching. For this reason, MOONTON Games has formally released a skin teaser on its social media channels, detailing the anticipated benefits of the impending February 2024 Starlight Pass. Let's take a look at the brand-new Mobile Legends skins, emotes, and a ton of other thrilling goodies that users can obtain with the February 2024 Starlight Pass.


Mobile Legends Starlight Pass February 2024 - New Skins​

New Starlight Skin​

Novaria will be the fortunate hero to receive the Super Glaze skin, which will be the February 2024 Starlight skin. Novaria is a special kind of mage role hero since she can quickly take out enemy targets by using her strong second skill at a much greater range. She can effortlessly traverse terrain and identify opponent locations with her incredible skill set and passive because of her astral talents. Therefore, it would be entertaining to watch this hero obtain a new skin that resembles Chang'e's Strawberry Parflait Starlight skin. Still, Novaria's best skin to date is this new starlight skin.

Novaria's Starlight skin features wonderful effects that depict her as a lovely young girl who enjoys pastries like strawberries and other similar foods and is also able to use them to fight off enemy targets. The strawberry bottle that Novaria drops on foes when she uses her second skill is one of the most noticeable examples of her cool skin traits. Her first skill also displays these cool skin effects. Even when players acquire and apply Novaria's Painted skin, the changes on their skin are clearly visible.

Players should not anticipate being able to select from a selection of past Starlight skins with the recently redesigned Starlight Pass, as this has not been the case since the pass's inception. As a result, Novaria's "Super Glaze" skin will be the primary skin available with this Starlight pass.

Revamped Starlight First Purchase Rewards​


The cost of the Starlight Pass is still 300 Diamonds, as was noted in earlier months. Players who recently purchased the Starlight Pass since its redesign in February 2023 are eligible for additional benefits in addition to the Exclusive Starlight Pass skin. For gamers who have never purchased a Starlight pass since it was redesigned in February 2023, this Starlight First Time Purchase prize was designed for them. Gamers who purchase the new February 2024 Starlight Pass will receive a random Summer skin chest that may contain any of the following skins:
  • HayabusaSummer skin
  • Chang’eSummer skin
  • NanaSummer skin

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass February 2024 - Other Rewards​

In addition, those purchasing the Normal or Premium Starlight Pass for February 2024 will be eligible for incredible rewards such as:

Starlight Exclusive Painted Skin​

After purchasing the Starlight Pass, players would be eligible to receive an Exclusive Novaria, Super Glaze painted skin. This painted skin would look kind of purple-yellow in color.


Starlight February 2024 Bonus Painted Skin​

Similar to how Layla received the first Bonus painted skin in October 2023, Novaria will likewise reap the benefits of receiving a new Bonus painted skin in February 2024 called Aqua Glaze. This skin will cost 100 diamonds and can only be obtained by players who have already purchased the February Starlight Pass.

Starlight Exclusive Trail Effects​

Players can acquire a new Starlight-specific Skin Trail effect with this Starlight Pass exclusive gift, which will greatly enhance the intrigue of the game. The heroes typically leave the base and enter the battlefield farther when they see the special skin trail.

Starlight Sacred Statue​

Upon purchasing the Starlight Pass, players will receive a special Sacred Statue from Novaria Super Glaze. The prizes awarded at the conclusion of each match will include additional benefits from the Sacred Statue.

Other New Rewards​

Additionally, the February 2024 Starlight Pass would provide special benefits like:


  • An Exclusive Starlight Killing Notification
  • Exclusive Starlight Graffiti
  • Exclusive Starlight Chat Bubble
  • Exclusive Starlight Avatar Border

Mobile Legends February 2024 Starlight Shop​


The majority of the pre-existing, random Starlight skins that were launched more than a year ago can be found at the Starlight Shop. Starlight Fragments would be able to be used to purchase them. Additionally, ten random Starlight Skins will make their debut in the February Starlight Shop. Only those who have purchased the Starlight Pass for the current month will be able to obtain the skins from the Starlight Shop. It should be noted by players that each of these skins would cost 3000 Starlight Fragments.

Starlight Membership Benefits​


Becoming a Starlight member entitles you to several additional benefits in addition to the ones listed above. These benefits include:

Access to 6 weekly free heroes​
Extended in-game friend limit (up to 200)​
Access to 6 weekly free skins​
10% more EXP for every match​
An exclusive avatar border (31-day)​
Starlight exclusive profile​
Extra 10 protection points when losing a ranked match​
Starlight exclusive chat frame & battle emotes​
Starlight exclusive elimination alert, recall effect & spawn effect​
Sign in for a previous day in the “7-Day Log-In” event​
30% more mastery points for every match​
5% more BP for every match​
One-time free Mysterious Shop refresh​
Starlight Talent page​

By clicking on Starlight Pass and then choosing the privileges tab, players can view the in-game benefits of being a Starlight member.

That concludes the Starlight Pass perks and awards for February 2024. With so many wonderful prizes, Starlight Pass is a great offer. In addition, it gives Novaria mains and Mage-type heroes a fantastic chance to obtain this awesome Super Glaze skin of Novaria in addition to all the other Starlight awards and bonuses it brings.


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