Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlight Pass for June 2024 will feature new skins, emotes, and more!

A new Starlight skin for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's meta-assassin role hero Helcurt will make its appearance in June 2024, which is quickly approaching. On its social media channels, MOONTON Games has formally released a skin teaser detailing the upcoming MLBB June 2024 Starlight Pass and the anticipated goodies.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang June 2024 Starlight Pass - New Skins​

New Starlight Skin​

Helcurt will be the fortunate hero to acquire the "Dream Prowler" skin, which will be released in June 2024 under the Starlight skin line. Helcurt is a formidable jungle hero who can also serve as an assassin with a more grating skill set. Helcurt is mostly known for its strategic and effective use of these abilities, as well as its acute sense of timing. He should be able to decide when to strike quietly and when to launch a crushing attack.


This, along with his other skills, have made him a formidable opponent in the MLBB assassin heroes competition. Thus, it would be entertaining to see this hero have a brand-new, distinctive Starlight skin. Helcurt demonstrates that he is a strong and competent assassin who can defeat lone heroes that emerge from the shadows. His primary damage source, the Deadly Stinger combo, must be mastered in order to fully control him. Gaining proficiency in it would make it simple to carry and take out opponents.

Players should not anticipate being able to select from a selection of past Starlight skins with the recently redesigned Starlight Pass, as this has not been the case since the pass's inception. Helcurt's "Dream Prowler" skin will thus be the primary skin available with this Starlight pass.

Revamped Starlight First Purchase Rewards​

The cost of the Starlight Pass is still 300 Diamonds, as was noted in earlier months. For players who have only recently purchased the Starlight Pass since its redesign in February 2023, there are additional incentives available in addition to the Exclusive Starlight Pass skin.


MLBB players who have not purchased a Starlight pass since its redesign in February 2023 are eligible for this Starlight First Time Purchase incentive. A random Summer skin chest will be awarded to players who purchase the new June 2024 Starlight Pass upon opening any of the following skins:
  • Hayabusa Summer skin
  • Chang’e Summer skin
  • Nana Summer skin

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang June 2024 Starlight Pass - Other Rewards​

In addition, those purchasing the Normal or Premium Starlight Pass for June 2024 will be eligible for incredible prizes such as:

Starlight Exclusive Painted Skin​


After purchasing the Starlight Pass, players would be eligible to receive an exclusive Helcurt "Dream Prowler" painted skin. Helcurt would appear with this painted skin in an orange variant of the original normal skin.

Starlight June 2024 Bonus Painted Skin​

As was also noted in earlier months, Helcurt would gain access to a new June 2024 Bonus Painted skin called "Dream Prowler," which would only be available to players who had purchased June's Starlight Pass and cost 100 diamonds.

Starlight Exclusive Trail Effect​

With this exclusive Starlight Pass reward, players can unlock a new Skin Trail effect that adds intrigue to the game. The heroes typically leave the base and enter the battlefield farther when they see the special skin trail.

Starlight Sacred Statue​


By purchasing the Starlight Pass, players would receive an exclusive Sacred Statue of Helcurt the "Dream Prowler." The prizes awarded at the conclusion of each match will include additional benefits from the Sacred Statue.

Starlight Lucky Chest​


Intriguing Starlight Chest is scheduled to return in June 2024; it will be open from June 1 until June 30, 2024. It's commonly known that the Starlight Chest awards Starlight Chests to fortunate people who draw during the event. Each draw costs ten diamonds and yields a variety of gifts, such as regular and premium starlight cards. Additionally, it can be opened a total of 100 times.

Other new rewards​

The June 2024 Starlight Pass would additionally include extra perks such as:
  • Exclusive Starlight Killing Notification
  • Exclusive Starlight Graffiti
  • Exclusive Starlight Chat Bubble
  • Exclusive Starlight Avatar Border

Mobile Legends June 2024 Starlight Shop​

The majority of the pre-existing, random Starlight skins that were launched more than a year ago can be found at the Starlight Shop. Starlight Fragments would be able to be used to purchase them. Additionally, 10 randomly selected Starlight Skins will be available at the June Starlight Shop in MLBB.


Only those who have purchased the Starlight Pass for the current month will be able to obtain the skins from the Starlight Shop. It should be noted by players that each of these skins would cost 3000 Starlight Fragments. Each of the limited-edition Annual Starlight skins would cost 5000 Starlight Fragments.

Starlight Membership Benefits​


Becoming a Starlight member entitles you to several additional benefits in addition to the ones listed above. These benefits include:

Access to 6 weekly free heroes​
Extended in-game friend limit (up to 200)​
Access to 6 weekly free skins​
10% more EXP for every match​
An exclusive avatar border (31-day)​
Starlight exclusive profile​
Extra 10 protection points when losing a ranked match​
Starlight exclusive chat frame & battle emotes​
Starlight exclusive elimination alert, recall effect and spawn effect​
Sign in for a previous day in the “7-Day Log-In” event​
30% more mastery points for every match​
5% more BP for every match​
One-time free Mysterious Shop Refresh​
Starlight Talent page​

By clicking on Starlight Pass and then choosing the priveleges tab, players can view the in-game benefits of being a Starlight member.

That concludes the Starlight Pass awards and bonuses for June 2024. It is unquestionably a terrific deal because it offers a ton of incredible benefits. In addition, it gives Helcurt mains and Assassin-role players a great chance to obtain this awesome "Dream Prowler" skin for Helcurt in addition to all the other Starlight awards and bonuses it has to offer.