Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Trickster’s Eve Event Kicks Off in October 16

In the midst of the 5th anniversary event, a new Halloween-themed event has been teased as well as the mysterious hero that will be revealed once the event sets off.

trickster eve.jpg

The new Halloween-themed event is called Trickster’s Eve. This new event is expected to start off next week, October 16, alongside the new hero which might be related to Guison, one of the popular heroes of the game, as per to the official post of Mobile Legends.

Guison daw.jpg

“We’re compatible most of the time, but one thing is true - He is indeed powerful, even with special skills,” stated the official post.


The Trickster’s Eve event will also feature a few mini-events such as the limited-time rerun for the Terizla “Hammer Giant” Special tier skin, Pumpkin Surprise Boxes event, and a Halloween-themed Nostalgia event where players can obtain one of the featured skins for free: Freya “Dark Rose,” Harley “Naughty Joker,” Granger “ Bardic Whisper,” Johnson “Fire Chief”.


But for players that follow the advanced server contents of the game, the upcoming hero will come as a no surprise for them. He is named as Aamon and is classified as an assassin hero.

aamon final.png

He casts a skill that generates Malefic Blades around him that can hit enemies. For every hit of the blades towards the enemies, Demonic Blades are dropped on the ground that Aamon can pick up after and then gives him temporary invisibility and movement speed.

Aamon is still a work in progress on the Mobile Legends advanced server but is expected to arrive in the regular server once the Trickster’s Eve event also starts. However, it’s still not known whether he can be acquired for free like Floryn.