Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's official Facebook pages have been hacked

The official Facebook pages of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have been hacked by a third-party partner.


According to a now-deleted post on MLBB’s official page, a certain group called WebSpid3rs is behind the hacking and claims to possess all the game’s data and user information. The said hackers threaten to leak all the information publicly.

The post mentioned an employee named Sebachang who thought he could save them but unfortunately failed. So, WebSpid3rs threatens to leak all the game’s data and file sources if the team doesn’t respect their undisclosed ‘terms’.

Meanwhile, the team is assured to work closely and do their best to avoid any possible leak of important data. They also considered complying with the said terms to make sure the issue wouldn’t escalate anymore.

MLBB’s Regional Manager and Philippines Community Manager, Laurence Basoy, confirmed on his Facebook post that only MLBB’s Facebook pages were hacked, not the servers or player data.

“Rest assured, there’s no personal data leak that happened! ” said Laurence Basoy in his post regarding the breach of personal data.

He also revealed that the person behind the breach is an external partner who had access to the page. Basoy assured me that he would resolve the issue and remove the person who got hacked.