Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Sneak Peek To Their Upcoming Project NEXT

It seems Moonton is up for a competition as it put its high gear recently via announcing their upcoming project NEXT that will put their flagship game Mobile Legends into a complete overhaul. The said announcement was perfectly timed during the early days of League of Legends: Wildrift's Alpha Test which only means that the current number 1 mobile MOBA is not slacking off.

Project NEXT is considered the most ambitious plan of Moontoon for ML this year. This will be a long-term project where the changes that it promise will be gradually applied for the future patches of ML. In general, expect ML to have a complete rework that centers on the hero's gameplay mechanics, visuals, sounds, and storyline.

Revamp of Heroes

The main focus of NEXT is making the classic heroes more relevant to catch up with other new heroes by adjusting and improving their gameplay, skills, and even their appearances. The first to underwent a rework will be the early game heroes such as Layla, Eudora, Zilong, Miya, and Saber. These heroes are quiet lagging in terms of stats and abilities with the newest patch update so its good thing that they will be the first to taste some major makeover.

Better Visual, Better Lore, Better Sounds.

We can't help but think that this is ML's response against Wildrift's obvious graphic superiority and rich stories on its own characters. The emphasis of ML's lore will be revolving around the Land of Dawn to players. And to make it more engaging, heroes of ML will have an upgrade not just in their appearance but also in their animation. Of course, to complete the package, voice-over will also go to have revamped to make the overall game satisfying to both old and new players.

Stepping Up the Gameplay

Developers also promised that ML will be more fun and exciting to play after they finished stepping up the core mechanics of each hero particularly how you control their skills and ability. Many will agree that some heroes need a lot of tweaking on their skill management which is why Moonton will going to introduce 'smart targeting' for the upcoming updates. This will allow the players to have an easy and more practical way of targeting their minions or enemy heroes whenever they use their skills.

Monitor Adjustment

Lastly, Moonton finally addresses the concern of players who has a smaller screen which somehow limits their complete vision of the game as compared with those who have a wider and better display on their phone's screen. The adjustment will be an in-game feature so we can assume that they will include an option for players to select the vision that suits them well.

ML for the past year has continuously dominated the MOBA arena but the team behind it is still pushing the game to a newer level by keeping all the rooms for improvement always open and improving the feedback system for players who supported it ever since.

Let us hear your thoughts in the comment down below about ML's Project NEXT as well as its on-going competition against Wildrift.


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Jul 4, 2020
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In this video project next is a project of moonton to revamp certain heroes so that their percentage of usage will increase and make it more balance.

This time around Eudora and Saber will be the first one to have the revamp

What do you think about their revamp is it good ? Comment down your thoughts.

Video Credits: Moonton MLBB