Mobile Legends Battle Royale Survival Mode is available

Battle Royale has made its way on MOBA and this time it's on Mobile Legends. The mode is called Survival Mode this is MLBB's take on the battle royale genre. So in this article, we will break it down and let you know where you can play new survival mode for Mobile Legends right now.

What is the maximum player on the map?
During the testing phase, there is a maximum of 15 players per battle, this might still be changed as stated by the developers once it's on full release.

Is there a party squad or duo?

There is a 3 player squad in one team, there is no word for duo mode however you can solo however it's not recommended as team play is still the focus.

How many heroes are in the game?
Currently, MLBB Survival mode only offers 14 selectable heroes the reason maybe is so that they can balance hero skills for this mode as some of the heroes are not build for the battle royale.

Are the skills going to change?
As of now, the heroes will retain their current skills but the skill stat might change for this mode to make them balanced.

Are the players dropped in the map?
In the Survival Mode players are dropped from a dragon instead of a bus or plane.

Is there a safe zone and is the map shrinking?
The map will have the typical shrinking safe zone basically purple for the shrinking playable area while the blue is the current safe zone and your destination.

How do you loot or gain items?
In Survival mode to get items you need to kill enemy monsters. This monster will either drop a magic item, physical item and even buffs.

Jungle Monster Drop
= Drop rate for a magic item is slightly higher
Reaper = Drop rate for the physical item is slightly higher
Ghost Mage = Drop rate for top tier equipment is slightly higher
Goblin = Drop rate for defense item is slightly higher
Chest = Drop rate for defense equipment is higher and chance to get a rare ability ( Flicker, Aegis, Petrify, Lurking, etc )

Note: To get good loots and drops you will need to kill the "Lord" as they act as air drops or package crates

Is there a bag or how many items can I bring?
Currently, each hero can only use 6 items also note that not all items are compatible with the hero. An exclamation mark will be shown on the item if it's not compatible you will have to drop this to free up space.

Are the players alive showed in the game?
On the upper left of the game menu, player count will be shown for how many players are alive.

How do you win Survival Mode?
Well is a battle royal so basically the last team or hero alive wins the game

Official Release date?
Mobile Legends new battle royal mode is currently on testing on the advance server so there is no official release date yet.

Where can I play the game?
You can play Mobile Legends Survival Mode on the advance server right now

Thats it what do you think of Mobile Legends Surival Mode? do you like this battle royal game mode?
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