Mobile Legends Battlefield Balancing Issues Q & A


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Jul 7, 2019
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Mobile Legends Dev Team Q&A Battlefield Balancing Issues

About the hero evaluating system, how do we identify a hero who needs adjustment?

This system involves multiple dimensions and data. We grouped all players, from Warrior to MPL, into 4 categories. For each category, we analyzed each hero's Ban/Pick rate (a ratio of Ban/Pick that implies the hero's popularity) individually.

After the data processing, we got a graph like this. Often times, we prioritize the heroes on the top right (excessively high win rate and Ban/Pick rate) and bottom left (excessively low win rate and Ban/Pick rate).

In addition to the data, there are some other dimensions we took into account.
  1. Our hero designer team and the hero balancing team play the game on a daily basis in Official Server. Their ranks range from Grandmaster to Mythic. We believe that their subjective feelings are quite close to the players of these ranks.
  2. Each week, we'll carefully discuss and study the suggestions that we received from various sources of feedback. When a hero is mentioned multiple times, even if his/her data is quite normal, we will still conduct targeted research and consider adding him/her to our adjustment plans.
Every once in a while, we also research and optimize the system to make sure that it can more accurately reflect the actual battlefield.

How to get the first-hand information about the strengths and weaknesses of heroes?
  1. Tap the "Official Push" on the top left at the main menu screen → The "Hero Ranking" on the top left ("Official Push" will be available in the game soon);
  2. Tap the Harper at the bottom right corner at the main menu screen → Tap the "Hero Ranking" tab on the top right to check heroes' performances in ranked matches.
Or you can take this direct portal:

Why does it take such a long time for the dev team to response to the battlefield balancing issues?
  1. Usually, when a hero becomes overpowered, players are always able to find a strategy to counter against that hero. Therefore, we won't nerf the overpowered hero immediately. If the hero cannot be countered for quite a long period of time, we will make adjustments accordingly. This is because we want players to be encouraged to explore more different hero tactics.
  2. Due to the long release cycle, some heroes who are significantly overpowered than expected can't be adjusted in time. But for this situation, we've started to optimize our balancing schedule. For some serious balancing problems, we'll try to solve in 1-2 weeks.
Why does it take such a long time to solve the bugs of battlefield?

For those bugs that we can make them reoccur, we are able to trace the cause and fix as quickly as possible. However, many bugs are hard to reoccur even if we try dozens of times according to the player's description or screen recording. In this case, if we can get the video of the match where the bug appeared, it will help us locate the problem and fix it faster.

So we've updated the rules for bug rewards. We offer hundreds or even thousands of Diamonds for players who provide videos or help us trace the problem. You can check Customer Service for the detailed rules. We can eliminate more bugs only with your help.

Which else old heroes are on the adjustment list?

I'm sure you've seen heroes such as Balmond, Hilda, Gatotkaca, and Cyclops in MPL recently. In Advanced Server, the 6 revamped heroes as well as Lapu-Lapu and Alice's skill adjustments, all are the optimizations we have completed or in process.
In addition to this, "Reforge Your Legend" event is underway, where you can vote for the next hero to be revamped. For the heroes that didn't win the highest votes but still have a lot of feedback, we will gradually tweak and fine-tune them. Like what we said always, every hero deserves the chance to be picked in ranked matches.

The future plan about the lane recommendation

The first batch of changes have been online in Advanced Server. We'll continue to optimize and add more guidance, including lane recommendation for each hero, lane introduction, and the quick communication about lane selection while picking heroes, so as to make it easier for everyone to get familiar with the new version. We'll continue to follow up the feedback about these changes after they are available in Official Server.

So much for today's Q&A. Have fun in the Land of Dawn!