Mobile Legends BB Coins and How to Convert it to Diamonds

Players, who are also streamers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, can now earn BB coins by broadcasting their matches. If you have more viewers, then it is highly guaranteed that you can receive these coins at the end of your stream and then can convert it to diamonds.

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BB coins is a currency used in Mobile Legends. Streamers of ML can receive this through their in-game live broadcasts. Though there are a lot of sites where players could stream their game, ML has its own streaming platform. Viewers could interact with these streamers by giving them gifts or by purchasing "special interactions" using their own diamonds or real currency(peso) during the stream. Said gifts will be then sent to the streamer in the form of BB coins.


As gifts are equivalent to BB coins, the streamer will receive it through the in-game messaging after the live broadcast. After that, you can convert it to diamonds. Five BB coins is equivalent to one diamond after the conversion.

For players who are interested in streaming and want to earn BB coins, there are certain requirements that are needed to be met.
  • Has reached Epic V rank
  • In-game profile must have 1,500 subscribers or more
  • In-game credit score of 100
  • Must complete a minimum of 5 matches in the last 5 days
If you have met these requirements then you can start streaming in-game and have interactions with players/viewers who watched your live broadcast. Also, you can receive gifts that can be converted to diamonds that you can use to purchase whatever skins you want.