Mobile Legends Beatrix Blitz Attack - New Elite Skin Trailer

A teaser video was uploaded in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s YouTube page about an upcoming Beatrix skin. The type or rarity of this skin will be Elite. Here are the details from the teaser trailer.


Beatrix - Blitz Attack features Beatrix wearing a modern outfit suitable for an undercover agent, which can help comfortably move around. This is in line with the theme of this skin wherein Blitz refers to quickness as Beatrix looks forward to attack enemies swiftly with this new look.


She is wearing a red jacket over a white top, and a bit thick pants which exclaims a secret agent vibe. Her hair is also now color white, as white as snow, that compliments with her outfit.


For the skill effects, her basic attacks are now colored blue and all of her four guns are equipped with laser bullets. Her skill "Need Backup" also complimented with the modern theme of the skin that makes her changing of weapons looks more high-tech with the visual animation.

Here's the video trailer:

There were no exact date of released mention in the video. Although, expect this skin to come soon in-game so prepare to welcome this in the Land of Dawn.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!