Mobile Legends Beatrix Tentative Adjustments in latest advance server patch note for September 2022 update

A hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that has been dominating the game in a while now received tentative adjustments in the advance server. Beatrix will be adjusted to make her more balanced as her impact in the current metagame is very influential. She can dictate the tides of the game depending on how she is played and even professional tournaments stats shows her current status in the metagame. Here are the tentative adjustments to Beatrix in Patch 1.7.14 Advance Server that might be implemented in the original server next global-server wide patch update.


[Beatrix] (↓)

Tentative adjustment: Beatrix can switch weapons to adapt to various situations and stay competitive. The developers like to see more limit on here, including new reloading design (lower initial reload speed, higher Attack Speed bonus), more difficult to deal max damage (nerf her aim or max damage), and optimizations on other suboptimal experience. Moonton will make her difficult-to-maneuver skills easier to aim and increase the power of her less popular weapons.

1. Basic Attack adjustments

[Basic Attack] (~)

All weapons: increased reload time, but the time will decrease with increased Attack Speed.

Renner (Sniper Rifle) (↓): Physical Attack: 350-525% >> 360-465%; the bullet's hitbox increased to 1.5 times.

Wesker (Shotgun) (↓): Bullet's hit box decreased to 75% (meaning she needs to stay closer to the target to hit more); diminishing damage: 2nd shot 70% then successive ones 40% >> 50% after 1st shot; fixed an issue where she deals excessive damage when too close to the target.

Bennett (Grenade Gun) (↑): Physical Attack: 180-320% >> 230-300%; Slow Effect: 30% >>40%

Nibiru (Submachine Gun) (↑): Physical Attack: 50-67.5% >> 52.5-70%

Her two most popular weapons are Renner and Wesker so those will be the ones that will be nerfed. On the other hand, Bennett and Nibiru was buffed. Bennett received a slow effect buff while the early game physical attack bonus damaged was increased but nerfed for late game. Nibiru received a physical attack bonus damage buff from early game to late game.


2. Ultimate skill adjustments

[Ultimate] (↓)

Renner (Sniper Rifle) (↓): Aim time 20s >> 8s. Canceling cast only returns 50% Cooldown now; lifesteal: 50% >> 25%

Wesker (Shotgun) (↓): Bullet's hit box decreased to 75% (meaning she needs to stay closer to the target to hit more); lifesteal: 50% >> 25%

Bennett (Grenade Gun) (↑): Slow Effect: 30% >> 40%

Nibiru (Submachine Gun) (↑): damage times: 6 >> 10; damage each time: 200-320+60% Physical Attack >> 130-210+40% Physical Attack (damage each time reduced about 35%, total damage increased about 10%)

Similar with the basic attacks adjustments, Renner and Wesker were nerfed. Bennett also received a slow effect buffed here. Meanwhile, Nibiru will now deal damage 10 times from her ultimate skill instead of 6 with lower damage each time to balance it although total damage is increased by about 10% so this is indeed a buff overall for Nibiru.


3. Need Backup nerfed

[Need Backup] (↓)
Leave combat: 3s >> 5s

Two seconds were added for the cooldown of Need Backup. The five seconds count will begin after she leaves combat. The same mechanic but from three seconds, the cooldown is now five seconds before Need Backup can be used.

These are the tentative adjustments to Beatrix. These adjustments are still on experimental phase in the test server so expect that these might still be changed in the next few weeks before being implemented in the original server. The next huge global server is expected to be on September 2022 and these adjustments still may or may not be implemented in original server by that time.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!