Mobile Legends Belerick Estes Duo Guide


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May 1, 2019
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Disclaimer: alam po naming marami sa aming mga guide ay nakikita o napapanood niyo sa mga sikat na Youtuber gaya ni Hororo Chan at Elgin at alam kong na feature na rin ni Elgin ang Belerick×Estes Duo sa kanyang Channel pero ang guide na aking ginawa ay base sa experience ko dahil dati ko nang ginagamit ng BeleEstes Combo (HAVE EXPERIENCED) so pls readers don't bash your admins for posting with a content that might be similar to the video guides from YouTube.

Have you ever tried to have a teamates who used the BeleEstes Duo? If not, then why don't you try it with your friend I'm sure your team will automatically win in every team clash with proper team skills synergy.

So Let's Start?

We all know that 40% of damage from opponents will can be absorbed by Belerick's Ultimate and those damage can be knocked back to the enemies.

Giving Belerick a huge amount of HP can make his Passive more juicy as long as he receives damage continuously, but what if we have Estes together with Belerick, this Duo can be the table turner in team clash.

Belerick will just absorb the damage by his Ulti while Estes keep on healing his Ally. So basically, As long as Estes and Belerick are alive in clash the more juicy passive of belerick will be back fired to the enemies.

Thus, the enemies will have a long and hard time on killing this Walking Bush.

Giving Estes and Belerick a combination of
Courage Bulwark and Oracle as their 2 core items will give a very tanky duo combo in team clash when this items and their skills are used properly.

The passive of Oracle stacks when used by this Duo, same thing with the Courage Bulwark.
The passive of Oracle adds a 25% HP regeneration, so when this item used by Belerick and Estes, it'll give them a additional 50% HP regeneration, this Passive of Oracle can be abused by Estes since his purpose is to support and heal his allies.

What about the Courage Bulwark? Yes! The passive of this Item has also a very good synergy with Belericks Ultimate.

Belerick's Ultimate absorbs the damage taken by his allies for 40% and reduces the damage taken by himself for 30% while the passive of Courage Bulwark increases 10% of Physical & Magical Attack and Physical & Magical Defense for nearby Allies. It's active skill can give you and your sorrounding allies a additional 30% Movement Speed and 20% Physical/Magical Attack for a short period of time.

COB- Courage Bulwark

So in easier understanding:
40% DMG absorb dealt for team plus 30% DMGR for Belerick himself plus 20% Phy/Mag Def from the 2 Courage Bulwark

Imagine how tanky your team will be.
A great amount of DMGR for your team can greatly increase your team in clash survivability while Estes keep on healing a great amount of HP for his allies. The enemy will just cry in the corner 'cause the damage they deal keep on backfiring to them.

Also, use Vengeance as Belerick's battle spell for more juicy damage backfire and Sprint or Purify for Estes since he might be the 1st target for the enemies.

When you were playing as Estes, just keep on spamming your skills and basic attack in the center of your team to always trigger your ricocheting passive.

and when you were playing as Belerick, just keep on protecting your allies while receiving the damage that's suppose to be for them.

The BELESTES Duo is suited for a team line up with
2 MM and 1 Fighter/Tank or 1 Mage and 1 tank 1 MM, or 2 mage and 1 MM.

So now that you know what will happen and how powerful your team will be when you have the BELESTES Duo, why don't you try them now and give us a comment in our comment section.

Thanks for reading