Mobile Legends Belerick Item Discussion - season 15 meta

Belerick is a tank so the proper items for him are found in the defense category. This will guide you on which items you should get for Belerick and explain why it is the best.

Item Recommendations
  • Main Physical Defense Item - Warrior Boots
  • Main Magical Defense Item - Oracle
  • Then focus on HP Items
  • Sky Guardian Helmet - for high HP and HP Regen
  • Thunderbelt - for mana sustain, also gives high HP, Physical Defense, and CDR. The passive also gives slow plus damage based on your HP.
  • Antique Cuirass - for more physical defense and HP
  • Twilight Armor - good against burst heroes. Also gives High HP and Mana.
  • Cursed Helmet - secondary magic defense item. Gives High HP too. Also good to clear minion waves faster.
  • Clock of Destiny - Also gives high HP and Magic Power so that Belerick can be a Killer Tank.
  • Roam Items - any roam item gives High HP and CDR. Choose between Courage Mask and Shadow Mask. Courage Mask is a good item as a support since if you activate its active skill, all allies around will get boosted power and movement speed. Shadow Mask is also good so that you can hit ult with a higher success rate and immobilize multiple enemies.

Why Focus on HP Items?
  • To maximize Belerick's Passive that boosts the HP Stat he receives from equipments.
Why buy Roam Item?
  • It is generally accepted META for Tanks and Supports
Why not Athena's Shield?
  • Because shield does not trigger Belerick's Passive.
Why Oracle is the Main Magic Defense Item?

Here are the items with Magic Defense
  • Rose Gold Meteor
  • Athena's Shield
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Oracle
  • Tough Boots
  • Rose Gold Meteor is a waste of slot.
Athena's Shield won't be maximized.

Cursed Helmet only has less Magic Defense.

Tough Boots is good but you can always build it with Oracle since this is also a mobility item.

Oracle is really a core item for Belerick because of High HP, Magic Defense, and CDR. The passive also of Oracle boosts HP regen when Belerick build Sky Guardian Helmet. There will be no waste of stat and no waste of gold and item slot for this item.

Cursed Helmet will be the secondary because it gives High HP too and the item's passive is helpful in clearing minions waves and dealing damage to enemies near Belerick.

Example when Belerick uses Ult, if he is very close to an enemy hero, Cursed Helmet will deal additional damage. Also useful when Belerick is using his 2nd skill or if a melee enemy attacks him.

Why Warrior Boots is his main defense item?
  • It depends on the set build. Warrior Boots is commonly the only physical defense item that you can buy if the game ends quickly.
Warrior Boots also has a 2-in-1 purpose. A slot for a physical defense and his mobility item. The 25 movement speed boost from the roam item might not be enough so some still prefer buying boots to make it 40.

What's the META for no boots build?

  • Use Support Emblem and maximize movement speed boosts. At max level, it gives 10% movement speed. The total movement speed from Support Emblem plus roam item is higher than roam item, Tank emblem and boots build.

Try using Belerick with these items! Tell us the results below. Just tune in here in our website for more item discussion