Mobile Legends Benedetta Moonblade skin coming soon - Skin trailer details

Benedetta will have another skin coming up! The name of the skin is Moonblade. This skin was already officially announced and a trailer was released in the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang YouTube channel. Here are the details based on that trailer.


Benedetta - Moonblade has a straightforward theme, as in the moon, that is reflected in the overall visuals of the skin with the blue, gray, and white combinations. Not only her outfit but also her hair is colored with a shade of blue. She still wears a shoulder armor and a cape that has colors similar with a bluish-white moon.


Contrary to the usual flashy skill effects, this skin, Moonblade, features simpler splash effects and skill animations. Her passive and active skills all have the light blue colors. The trail and area of effects of her skills are also highlighted especially the borders. There are also nice slash animations and splash effects not only on her skills but also on her basic attack.


Here is the Benedetta Moonblade official preview from the ML: BB YouTube channel:

There is no specific date mentioned in the trailer but expect this skin to be released in early-May 2022. Check out the actual contents and final implementations in-game.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!