Mobile Legends Best Heroes based on their appearance in MSC 2022 - Wanwan appeared in all games

The recently-concluded ML:BB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 tournament is one of the better basis on the status of the metagame in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This is a top-tier tournament that featured the best teams in the Southeast Asia region. Here are the top five heroes that appeared in this tournament based on the combined pick and ban rate.


1. Ling

Starting the list with the 5th highest pick plus ban rate, Ling has only picked 16 times but banned 50 times. In those 16 games, his win rate is 56.25% which is impressive. It means he won more games that he lost. The very high ban rate also showed that Ling's superior mobility and late game damage is still a threat even to the current bulky metagame.


2. Julian

The newest hero was allowed to be used in MSC 2022. Julian was just recently released so there are still more room for exploration. In the tournament, he was banned 45 times and used 22 times. His win rate is 54.55% which is also above 50%. Some pro players already excelled in using him while some are having a bit of a hard time which is understandable for a new hero. Julian is also hard to counter and outplay.


3. Esmeralda

She was picked 52 times and yet, she got 59.62%. Her win rate is really impressive despite being one of the most picked heroes. She is a meta-defining hero in the EXP lane. The match-ups and the pickings are almost centralized around her. She is also the reason why the likes of Dyrroth became a top pick since there are only a handful that can control Esmeralda's impact in the game.

4. Akai

The revamped Akai also dominated the MSC 2022. He was banned 42 times and picked 30 times. He appeared in all games but one in this tournament. He is also very versatile and can be played as a jungler, exp laner, or even as a roamer. This also makes the drafting tricky which is crucial in this kinds of tournament. The pickings are also almost focused on countering an Akai pick.


5. Wanwan

She appeared in all of the 73 games in MSC 2022. She was picked only 12 times and was banned on the other 61 games. She also won 10 of those 12 games. She is definitely the top hero in this tournament. She is undoubtedly overpowered and even pro players will just better be on banning her than trying to leave it open and risk the chance of winning. With her passive, she is one of the best to counter the bulky metagame. Add up her mobility, anti-CC, and overall utility really makes her the best hero currently.

That sums up the five top heroes in MSC 2022. Valentina and Franco also deserved special mentions. Valentina is a top ban while Franco has a 79.17% win rate in 24 games. Depending on the adjustments, these heroes are expected to dominate the game in the next month or until they are significantly nerfed.

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