Mobile Legends Best Heroes to equip with Sky Piercer - Item review and quick guide

Sky Piercer is one of the newest items released in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game. This item is released just this Project NEXT June 2024 update in the official server. This is an attack item that provides adaptive damage stat, movement speed, and a passive that instantly kills the target that has a current HP below a certain threshold. To be specific, this item provides additional 60 adaptive damage, 15 movement speed, and its passive is called “Lethality”. Here’s an overall review of this new item along with a quick guide that recommends which heroes this item could be very effective.


Sky Piercer’s unique passive - Lethality: After dealing damage to an enemy hero, executes that hero if their HP is lower than a percentage depending on Lifebane stacks, minimum threshold is 6%. Gains 10 Lifebane stacks for each kill and loses 30% of current stack(s) for each death. Each Lifebane stack increases the HP threshold of the execute effect by 0.1%, maximum of 60 stacks.

This means the hero equipped with this item just needs to kill 6 enemy heroes in a row before death in order to execute heroes below 12% current HP. Upon death, it will lose 30% of stacks so for example, a hero with this item that has max 60 Lifebane stacks already will lose 18 upon death. In order to maximize this item, this is great for heroes that could get kills and at the same time, hard to kill since every death means losing stacks. Here are some heroes that could utilize this item well.

1. Hayabusa

Assassin heroes are an obvious option for this item. They are generally the ones that could kill already in early game which helps them get as many stacks as possible as early as possible. Special mention to Hayabusa because of his great mobility that could help escape immediately when on the verge of having death.


2. Novaria

Not only assassin heroes fit the general criteria of being hard to kill while being able to deal significant damage early in the game. Novaria is one of the special heroes that is played in a way that she would normally have the least death all throughout the game. She also deals high damage in early game and since she has long range, it will be hard for enemies to target and kill her.

3. Lesley

Transitioning to another long-ranged hero, the last but not the least in this list of recommendations is Lesley. Aside from having long range attacks, she also has a mobility skill that makes her hard to kill. She is also a DPS-type of hero so she deals damage multiple times in a regular teamfight so that is a lot of opportunities to proc Sky Piercer’s passive.


These heroes are great representations of which heroes are best suited for this new item. Other honorable mentions are other assassin heroes like Natalia and Saber, and the marksman hero, Beatrix. In theory, even tanky heroes could use this item because they fit the characteristic of being hard to kill but most of them are not the type to get kills and easily stack Lifebane. Also, the metagame is still new and it is also expected that a lot more would be discovered. It is expected that the upcoming MSC 2024 will be a good representation of the current state of the metagame.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!