Mobile Legends Best Heroes to use right now - January 2021

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 18 had ended and a new season started along with a new patch note just in time before year 2020 ends. There are many adjustments done and after several days, players have generally finalized the current META heroes. Check out the best heroes to use right now in each roles to easily climb up the ranks.

This list will be objective, using the win rate of heroes in Legend+ Ranks, to come up with the best heroes. This will exclude those with very low pick rate which is less than 0.5% and very high ban rate which is more than 25%.

1. Lapu-Lapu

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The first on our list will be the best sidelaner, Lapu-Lapu. He is already one of best as soon as he was revamped. It is because his teamfight capability is now superior. He is tanky since he can sustain in the middle of teamfights while being able to deal huge amount of damage. He also has crowd control ability and mobility.

2. Yi Sun Shin

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Some might have already forgotten but Yi Sun Shin is still the best core hero right now, at least statistically speaking. His win rate is still higher than the buffed Claude even though Claude has higher pick rate and ban rate. The advantage of Yi Sun Shin compared to other marksman heroes is his very fast jungle clear even in the early game. He can be a jungler while Claude can be played in the gold lane.

3. Claude

Aside from what's already mentioned, Claude is now better because he was buffed to make him easily get Demon Hunter Sword faster in the early game. About his abilities, he has very high mobility and deals great amount of damage to both tanky and non-tanky heroes. This is the reason why the likes of Karrie seems replaceable and even the likes of Granger which has great AoE and decent early game potential.

4. Baxia

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For the Roamer role, the hero with the highest win rate among the criteria previously mentioned is Baxia. His skill 1 is one of the most roamer-like skill aside from him being very tanky. He is also a great help in jungling especially in early game. His passive is also a great plus. Although, he isn't a perfect hero as what all other heroes right now are (except for Brody and Benedetta which are still really overpowered). Baxia lacks a great set ability but it can be covered by teammates just like a sidelaner or even a support with great crowd control abilities that can be used to set or initiate teamfights.

5. Chang'e

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Among midlaners, Chang'e got the highest win rate that fits the criteria. In terms of abilities, Chang'e is quite balanced and seems the hero perfect for the title of "jack-of-all-trades". She has great early game to late game damage even if not the best. She has decent mobility even with no blink skill. She can easily steal jungle buffs in the enemy camps. She also has fast wave clear. It seems she has the jungle clear that Lunox needs to be perfect, the wave clear Selena needs to be perfect, and even the late game and epic comeback potential that Luo Yi needs to be perfect.

Imagine having Lapu-Lapu, Yi Sun Shin, Claude, Baxia, and Chang'e in one team. Averagely, they got around 53% of chance winning even if just picked individually. But how about they are in one team? They might beat any team composition as long as there are no most banned heroes in the enemy team.

Try mastering all of these heroes and see if you can easily climb up the rank. Stay tuned for more informative contents.