Mobile Legends Best Junglers after Patch 1.6.18 - Both for Solo Queue and Party Queue

Junglers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is considered to be the main carry hero that will lead the team to victory. After the changes with the jungling speed of most heroes, here are the best options for junglers in the new battlefield situation.


1. Ling

Ling is definitely a META-defining hero right now. It is because of his superior mobility along with great scaling up to late game. The way he affected the metagame is by requiring players to at least know how to invade enemy jungle as the purple buff is very important with Ling. Stealing Ling's purple buff can increase the chance of beating him.


2. Hayabusa

If Ling's playstyle is commonly getting a kill early on to help him snowball in any lane, Hayabusa can do this alone especially in the solo sidelanes. As a jungler, Hayabusa can continuously pressure the sidelanes which can force enemies to rotate to not let their sidelaners be alone. Hayabusa's great mobility also prevents him from being outrotated and outfarmed. What's also great with mastering Hayabusa is that in the midgame, he can farm in the lane and just take the purple buff while the orange buff can be given to the marksman ally.


3. Harley

He was nerfed but still, he is one of the best mage jungler options. Mastering Harley means one can also use it not only as a jungler but also as a sidelaner or midlaner. In a squad, some uses Harley to abuse the negative defense mechanic in which magic damage dealers can abuse easier.


4. Lancelot

The best in terms of securing turtle/lord objectives. It is also hard to steal jungle against Lancelot. In cases wherein the jungler is alloted for the last pick, knowing already the enemy line-up will help to decide whether to use Lancelot or not.


5. Roger

His strength is farming. Roger is also known to be a bit tanky jungler despite his defense stats nerfed. Roger can be maximized by snowballing too and can be picked against squishy line-ups. Other junglers rely on dealing several attacks to the enemy while Roger can poke from a distance then jump in to secure the kill when they are low HP.


6. Natan

Mastering Natan also means one can have a mastered marksman hero already not only as a jungler but also as a laner. As a jungler, being a marksman hero separates him from the other best junglers. The downfall of the other marksman junglers like Claude, Granger, and Brody helped Natan to shine.

Honorable mentions

These heroes are the better options in case the best options are unavailable or it depends on what the team prefers.
  • Marksman Jungler: Yi Sun Shin
  • Fighter Junglers: Paquito, Aulus, and Barats
  • Mage Jungler: Cyclops
  • Assassin Jungler: Benedetta
  • Tank Jungler: Baxia
Mastering at least three of these heroes will help in order to rank up easily. Learn to adjust to certain situations too and pick the most appropriate hero.

Hope this helps and stay tuned for more!