Mobile Legends Best Mage Midlaners for the tanky current metagame - 2nd week of May 2022

In theory, the likes of Lunox, Valir, and Gord should be the mage heroes that would dominate the current tanky metagame in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. But based on the recently concluded professional leagues and high rank matches, burst mage heroes can still be viable as long as they provide more utilities like crowd controls even as soft as inflictint slow effects. Here are the best mage midlaner heroes currently.


1. Yve

Yve excels in poking. That is what her abilities are for. She can also inflict soft crowd control which are the slow effects she can do. Her ultimate skill also gives her more zoning potential and can even help in securing kills as those who are caught by it may not get out alive. Those utilities makes her a top pick if not banned.


2. Valentina

She is a great all-around mage hero especially because of her ultimate skill. She might not excel in everything but she can fulfill many subroles in one hero slot. She remains a top ban though with still around 80% ban rate in ranked games. Even in pro tournaments, she is rarely not banned. She is a top ban because of her very versatile ultimate skill and even without that, she is already a legit threat with enough damage and mobility with her non-ultimate skills.


3. Xavier

He is one of the recently released hero and he is already a force to reckon with. His global presence with ultimate skill makes him very helpful in every objective take of the whole team. That global presence gives him an identity to be picked over any other mage heroes.


4. Lylia

If a team does not need another hero that provides a hard crowd control like stun, then Lylia can be considered for the midlaner. One of her advantage over other midlaner options is her ultimate skill that makes her hard to burst down in one combo. A proper micromanagement is also crucial to success when using Lylia since her mechanics are not that as straightforward compared to the likes of Pharsa. In the current metagame too, her burst damage deals just as enough to trigger certain benchmarks wherein when those thresholds are met, her teammates can secure kills and then more objectives.


5. Kagura

Kagura also has a special niche that makes her the best pick in certain situations. It is her ability to be able to burst down a target by being able to dive the backline and have enough mobility to disengage. With her skill combo, she can instantly kill the enemy main core or win condition in teamfights. An example of a situation is when the enemy core is Beatrix which is hard to target and kill because of her short-cooldown blink skill and positioning with her long range basic attack. She is also a good counter against other midlane mage heroes that are also squishy.

These are the five best midlaner mage heroes right now. The midlane is still dominated by mage heroes even though there are now other options like a tank midlane or fighter in midlane for a tankier composition that is aligned with the current viable trend in the metagame. These are also just some of the viable heroes to use right now. The likes of Pharsa and Cecilion are also still considered viable as midlaner options.

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