Mobile Legends Best options for EXP Lane heroes to use to carry solo queue - January 2022 Update

EXP Lane or the experience lane is a sidelane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that provides more XP for heroes because of the higher XP given by minions. This is also a common role of solo queue players because of how versatile the options for EXP lane heroes are. Here are the current best EXP lane heroes.


1. Edith

The newest hero is always expected to be the next best hero. This is indeed the case for Edith. Her niche is a tank sidelaner with initiation capabilities too. At the same time, she is a marksman that deals high DPS with her ultimate skill. Exp Lane helps her reach Lv4 quickly.


2. Valentina

One of the few mage heroes that is super effective in EXP lane. Her passive makes her abuse the extra EXP that she can get in this lane and it will be hard for the enemy laner to kill her alone. Valentina was just released before Edith that is why her position in the current metagame is understandable.


3. Paquito

He remains as the standard fighter hero to go to EXP lane. The metagame still revolves around him and the better ones are supposed to counter or have an even match-up against him. He is also still a top-tier threat that the enemy team can't simply ignored.


4. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is an anti-marksman fighter because of his high potential to be an effective diver in the enemy backline. He is the best at this niche that is why he is also a top pick in competitive matches. He can also counter the enemy midlaners in teamfights.


5. Esmeralda

She is a counter hero to some other popular sidelaner options. She is also a reason why Phoveus is not always a staple pick despite of the high level of threat just by the mere presence of Phoveus. Her strength in early to late game makes her a tough opponent in laning not only because of her damage but also her tankiness and HP sustain.

The five heroes mentioned are all S+ Tier Heroes if used in EXP lane. Another advantage of picking these heroes is that they are not situational picks and is great generally. Even if someone only master using these heroes, it will be a great help to counter general team compositions.

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