Mobile Legends Best Roaming Tanky heroes currently and when to pick them - January 2022 Update

The Roamer role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been dominated by the Support class in professional tournaments. But in solo queue ranked games, many still prefers tanky roaming heroes and it is generally more easy to pull off and be successful. Here are the current best roaming tanky heroes, not necessarily a member of the Tank class or a pure Tank.


1. Lolita

This tank is on a tier of its own. This is supported by the stats in the recently concluded M3 which is the best basis for knowing the current state of the game objectively. She is better picked against heroes that her skill 2 will be useful. But it was proven that even with just her skill 1, she is already a top-tier threat since her skill 1 has a target-lock stun and it is also a blink skill plus it deals a significant amount of damage too.


2. Khufra

He is generally the tankiest in all of the best options because of his standard kit. All of his skills are capable of crowd control but unlike Lolita, his skill 1 needs better aiming. He is picked because of his skill 2 that controls enemy blink skills.


3. Ruby

She seems tankier than Khufra because of her regeneration and extra defense from passive but it also means she is better countered with penetration items and can be burst down faster. She is also capable of CC chain and the low cooldown of her skills also makes it more annoying. Her ultimate skill requires high micromanagement ability to unleash her potential at a decent level. She is a great counter against heroes that tends to dive the backline or simply melee-range heroes.


4. Chou

What separates him from the other previously-mentioned heroes is his mobility. His skill 1 and skill 2 are blink skills. His ultimate skill is a great set-up skill. Those are where his capabilities revolve from and some advanced tactics and strategies also just rotate from those basic concepts.

Aside from these heroes, it would also be good to especially mention tanks like Hylos, Grock, Tigreal. They are also great tanks to use and it's just that their niche are not what the current metagame requires. They are still generally good even if certain conditions isn't met.

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