Mobile Legends Blazing West Events - Get Free Hero, Skin, and more just by logging in

The rewards are still non-stop in the Land of Dawn. From November 22, 2020 to December 12, 2020, there are many events that will give the players gifts just by logging in.


Log in to win the new hero Mathilda, Blazing West Emotes and special Avatar Border from November 21st to December 12th. Take part in the events for a chance of winning Alpha's new skin "Crimson Warrior"!

Here are some important dates to remember:

November 21
  • Log in to claim 1 from 2 free Battle Emotes: Clint / Claude

November 28
  • Log in to claim Vale's Skin "Cerulean Winds"
December 05
  • Log in to claim an event-exclusive Blazing West Avatar Border

December 12
  • Log in and obtain the newest upcoming Hero, Mathilda

November 21 to December 12
  • Join events to win free event-exclusive resource: "Bounty"
  • Exchange Bounties to win the following rewards:
    • Blazing West Notification
    • Blazing West Recall Effect
    • Alpha's new Skin "Crimson Warrior"
    • Chance to trigger special event; unlock different storylines

In total, you can get 4 rewards just by logging in including a skin and the new hero "Mathilda". More rewards like the new skin "Crimson Warrior" can also be obtained for free if you participate in the event. Share this info to your friends and tell them to participate in the Blazing West events.

There might still be more surprises await! Stay tuned for more news and updates!