Mobile Legends Bronze Saint Seiya Skins Preview - MLBB X Saint Seiya Collaboration this October

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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will have another collaboration and this time, it will be with Saint Seiya. The MLBB X Saint Seiya Collab was revealed and a YouTube video was posted in the official ML:BB channel about the Bronze skins for three heroes. The heroes that will be having Saint Seiya skins are Badang, Chou, and Valir.


For the Bronze skins, Badang will be Pegasus Seiya, Chou is Dragon Shiryu, and Valir transforms into Phoenix Ikki. The skill effects of these skins are all featured in the preview posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel. Aside from the skill effects of these skins, there are also other in-game elements that are available in-themed with these skins such as battle emotes, custom actions, recall animation, and brand new skill icons.


The highlights of Pegasus Seiya skill effects are the skill 2 which has a redesigned wall and the ultimate skill that has a pegasus animation at the beginning of the skill. Dragon Shiryu features skill 1 with dragon features along with the ultimate skill that will show up every cast.


Meanwhile, Phoenix Ikki also has a similar animation element at the beginning of the casting of ultimate skill along with great movements varying that is aligned on the original Saint Seiya Phoenix Ikki and ML: BB Valir actions.


Here is the Bronze Saint Seiya skins preview:

These are the current information shown in the preview. MLBB X Saint Seiya Collab events will begin on October 24, 2022, available limited-time, based on ML: BB Server Time, until November 23, 2022. Expect more information later on and check out the actual contents in-game once the collaboration commences.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!