Mobile Legends Buffed X.Borg Best Build; Tips and Tricks

X.Borg is one of the buffed heroes in Project Next Phase 2. He received multiple buffs in the latest patch and even in previous patch notes. This easily made him one of the best heroes to use right now and here's how to play him.


Let's review the latest adjustments on X.Borg:

[X.Borg] (↑)

X.Borg has collected some new discarded technologies to modify his body, and now he can shoot fire that deals more damage.

[Skill 1] (↑):
Base Damage: 30-100 → 40-100
Total Physical Attack Bonus for Damage: 50% → 60%
Damage to Minions:75% → 75%-100%

[Ultimate] (↑):
Base Fire Damage: 200-300 → 200-250
Extra Physical Attack Bonus for Fire Damage: 100% → 130%

All of the adjustments are about his damage. In almost every aspect, his damage potential was increased. This is one of the reasons why even Hypercarry X.Borg or some called as X.Borg Funnel became popular.


Preparation Recommendations

Emblem: Use Fighter, Festival of Blood Talent. Put 3 points on Physical Attack and HP.

Spell: Flicker


1. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots - Choose the appropriate defense boots in a certain situation.

2. War Axe - This new item is easily X.Borg's new core item. This gives him more damage potential and even movement speed. A perfect item for him.

3. Immortality - In order to maximize the passive of this item, build this early on as X.Borg also benefits a lot from this item.

4. Antique Cuirass - This is a great physical defense item for him generally. This makes him very tanky.

5. Oracle - This is a perfect magic defense item that synergizes with many aspects along X.Borg. From the spellvamp up to the amplification of his stats, abilities, and effects, this is an ideal item for X.Borg.

6. Blade of Despair - This is a perfect last item for X.Borg. This amplifies his potential to carry late game or even perform an epic comeback.

Tips and Tricks


1. Maximize both his skill 1 and skill 2 in clearing minion waves and even jungle clear.

2. With the buffed X.Borg, you can be more aggressive and even steal enemy jungle buffs.

3. Secure turtle/lord objectives using his ultimate skill.

4. In the early game, make sure to poke enemies and maybe you or your teammates can kill it. Killing heroes especially in early game stops their snowball potential and will delay their level and item.

5. In midgame, focus on finding an objective to take. Kill the enemy heroes that tries to stop you from destroying turrets.

6. In the late game, try to balance out the flow of your minions. This will help you to easier engage and kill enemy heroes safely and more successfully.

7. For epic comebacks, just utilize his skills to clear the waves. Even better if you can hit enemy heroes too especially with your ultimate skill. If the enemy gave you a chance, you can wiped them out and easily turn the tide of the game.

Overall, X.Borg is now better in terms of damage from early to late game. He is relatively better than most of the heroes currently. With proper items, he can be very tanky even without Firaga Armor. These made him perfect to use even for solo queue players.

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